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   Hewlett-Packard or HP is one of the largest technology companies operating in over 170 countries. The company develops and manufactures software, solutions and services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as government and educational institutions. HP also specializes in consumer electronics including computers and electronics. HP's products include laptops, desktop computers, printers, ink toner and paper, and electronics which includes calculators, home audio & video, servers, photo frames, projectors, security systems, HDTVs, monitors, scanners, webcams, gaming, and many more.
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HP Computers for Your Computer and Small and Medium Business Needs

By Alexis Andrews
November 07, 2008

If you are a geek or regular user of technology, then you certainly must have heard of the brand HP. (No, not the brown sauce popular among the British.) HP refers instead to Hewlett-Packard, a technology company that offers people and companies a wide range of products and services, including handheld devices, laptops, personal computers, desk digital printers, digital cameras, storage, servers, networking solutions, tablet PCs, communication platforms, home media devices, even calculators, most of which come with HP coupons to match your needs: technology-wise and budget-wise.

HP is one of the leading brands in the computer industry at the moment, and provides personal and business users with a better, more personalized, and often cheaper alternative to brands such as Apple and Dell. It was founded by William ¬ďBill¬" Hewlett and David Packard, both from Stanford University. Having merged with Compaq (a Texas-based American personal computer company) in 2002, HP has grown to become a major player in desktops, notebook computers, and personal and business servers for a variety of markets. It has a strong portfolio of technology products and solutions for home and home office, small and medium business, large enterprises, the government, and even the graphic arts and design industry; it has also surprised Dell as the largest worldwide seller of personal computers. The reason for the company¬ís success is that its team members apply new ideas and thinking to create simple, valuable, and trusted experiences with technology.

Simple and trusted are the right words. I have been using an HP Compaq computer for years now, and I haven’t had any problems with it at all; it’s my lifesaver. And there are a variety of features on it which help my access and connectivity options, two things which are very important to me. If you are an individual consumer looking for a laptop or a desktop for personal use, try to at least look at the line of HP computers. And do check out the laptops: the HP Compaq product line is designed more for entry-level users; the HP EliteBook product line, meanwhile, is a good replacement for desktop computers because it allows mobility without letting performance suffer; lastly, if you are a user with many multimedia requirements, then the HP Pavilion product is the way to go, what with its impressive offerings of semi-portable home theaters. Of course, you can use HP coupons that will make you eligible to receive special discounts and money-saving offers.

There are also several product lines that cater especially to HP Small and Medium Business technology users, and they come with HP Small and Medium Business coupons to ease the budget constraints that you might have. Be it for products such as printers, scanners, business desktops, network storage solutions, workstations, monitors, notebook PCs, HP is one of the best at making sure that businessmen and women meet their needs for work. And purchases need not be expensive. HP offers customers in-store and online numerous deals with the prices and options that the other brands cannot offer.

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