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   Hooked on Phonics is a company operated by Smarterville Productions LLC, offering educational products that are fun, effective, and easy to use. Hooked on Phonics responds to a childÂ’s natural curiosity and support families and teachers as they help children improve reading, math, spelling, language, handwriting, bible stories, and study skills. Hooked on Phonics offers programs and workbooks for Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade. Hooked on Phonics also has a selection of activity kits, educational games and DVDs.
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Hooked on Phonics Promotional Codes for Excellent Learning

By Alexis Andrews
September 01, 2009

As parents, don't we all live to see our children succeed? It's a joy to see a son or a daughter achieve something in school or at home; on the other end of the spectrum, it's devastating to witness your own child fail. If only we can employ all the tools, resources, and materials needed to raise smart, happy, and successful kids... but alas, everything seems to come at a premium these days. Good thing that there are promo codes to at least help us find - and get - the best deals possible, and that includes purchases and investments that we make for our children's education.

One of the most extensive education promo codes out there on the Web is for a company called Hooked on Phonics, which creates educationally sound tools that are fun for kids and easy for parents to measurably improve their children's learning and help them reach their full potential. Hooked on Phonics was founded in 1987 by a father determined to help his son overcome his reading troubles. He developed an in-home learning program using phonics to nurture an understanding of reading, and since then, Hooked on Phonics has grown to become a household name for educational excellence. The great thing about the company is that their work is a collaborative effort by a dedicated team of parents, leading educators, interactive designers, writers, and artists who not only want their children to learn, but also to love learning. Get "hooked" on it, even.

By using Hooked on Phonics promotional codes, you can make a wise investment and affordably give your child access to products designed to build their confidence and ensure their success. Hooked on Phonics can lay the early foundation for a lifetime of learning. It doesn't matter how early: the age range of products start from babies 18 months or younger up to 3rd graders 8 years of age and up. And it doesn't matter what subject it is: Hooked on Phonics has programs, workbooks, materials, and kits for reading, math, spelling, handwriting, early concepts, and language (including foreign language). What makes the content of these unique is that they have all been developed based on Hooked on Phonics' proven learn-practice-play approach. As in: learn new skills or concepts; practice the concept until it is mastered; play fun games or read great books to apply and reinforce new knowledge. Sounds simple enough, but over two million families and thousands of schools have turned to Hooked on Phonics precisely for this unique approach.

Several of the company's products have won awards from bodies like Learning Magazine, Dr. Toy, and National Parenting Publications. But we won't have to go into detail here. The important thing is that you get quality and value for your money. Hooked on Phonics promotional codes will give every parent and child a balanced approach that combines essential skills with learning fun - without having to spend extra.

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