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Tips on Choosing A Rug for The Great Indoors

By Alexis Andrews
November 15, 2008

Choosing an area rug for your home can be a terribly complicated process. After all, a rug can be considered as valuable and important an investment as a furniture piece, and it can be as crucial in putting together a great indoor arrangement. It can add character to a boring room, open up a crowded space, reduce noise, and even create the illusion of more space. But with so many choices, styles, colors, fibers, patterns, and prices out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed when shopping for an area rug. What we recommend, then, is to first shop with your eyes and browse before you buy. The Great Indoors, an online retailer for products and items that you might need to decorate your home or remodel your house, has an impressive offering of rugs – be it contemporary, traditional, transitional, scatter, or outdoor – as well as of The Great Indoors coupon codes which you can use as you go along your rug shopping process.

And the process should start with an understanding of what size and shape your rug will be. Measure the area which you want to cover and determine the rug size that will work best for that room: usually, sizes come in 4x6, 6x9, or 8x10. Measure with precision, too, because a rug that ends up being too long or short is a complete waste. Are you going to use a rectangular rug? There are other options, such as oval, hexagonal or octagonal, which may bring elegance to the room and add flair such as you’d never thought possible. Think over carefully on what you’d really like: shopping for a rug all depends on the flooring as well as on your own personal preferences.

Of course, one important thing to understand before looking for an area rug is this: determine how the room is going to be used, and what purpose the rug will serve. Is the room going to be an area with high traffic? If so, then it is best to find a rug that is already patterned, so that it won’t show footprints. Is the room meant to feel small and romantic and cozy? If so, consider looking for a rug with dark colors. Meanwhile, if you are adding a rug to a room that is already furnished, then study the colors and the patterns that already exist in the room – and then find a rug that complements those colors and patterns. Don’t let those home decor and home furnishing magazines go to waste; you will be surprised to find many cool and affordable ideas there are.

If you are on a budget, then you also have to make a decision on what kind of rug you will buy: hand-made or machine-made? Hand-made rugs are usually of better quality, but they are normally more expensive; still, there are machine-made rugs that may be similar to the designs of hand-made ones, but cost significantly less. If unsure, shop at The Great Indoors. Aside from selling a plethora of rugs from trusted brands like Karastan and Nourison – coming in at all sizes – the store also offers customers the opportunity of saving money with The Great Indoors coupon codes.

Tips on Choosing A Rug for The Great Indoors



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