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By LJ Ortega
June 12, 2009

My sister gave me a crash course on choosing the right kind of hammock when I came over to her house last weekend and practically drooled over the new hammock she has in her backyard. She knows how much I love relaxing and sleeping in a hammock because we had one in our old house when we were kids.

I told her I would also buy a hammock for my own yard and she shared with me what she knew about the different kinds of hammocks out in the market and their particular qualities. She also told me to look for coupon codes before I start buying my own hammock. She said that there are promotional codes that offer great savings on a wide variety of hammocks.

My sister introduced me to the wonderful and relaxing world of hammocks by explaining to me the different types of hammocks and the difference between spreader bar hammocks and non-spreader bar hammocks. Spreader bar hammocks are the kinds that have a slack of wood or other material lodged at each end of hammock beds. These spreader bars keep the hammock flat and open to make going in and out of it much easier. As its name implies, non-spreader bar hammocks are the ones without those slacks of wood on the ends.

Spreader bar hammocks come in a variety of materials. Rope hammocks are the most classic types of spreader bar hammocks and are made of cotton or polyester that offer great balance, comfort and resistance to the elements. There are also solid fabric hammocks with spreader bars which come in two styles, single fabric layer (which come in a variety of styles, such as logos of your favorite sports teams) and quilted.

There are also the poolside hammocks, which are the most weather-resistant style of hammocks featuring weather-treated spider bars and quick-drying water-proof fabric that's perfect for pools, lakes and beaches.

Non-spreader bar hammocks also give great comfort because they conform to the contours of the body, enveloping you and keeping you securely positioned inside. These hammocks are typically hand-woven, displaying the unique characteristics of the region where they are created. Examples of non-spreader bar hammocks are the Nicaraguan hammocks, Mayan hammocks, Brazilian hammocks.

Then there are also the camping hammocks, also non-spreader bar types of hammocks, which are designed for campers and those who love the outdoors. Usually lightweight, compact and portable, camping hammocks often have waterproof covers and mosquito nets to provide serious protection from moisture and insects.

After my sister described to me the different kinds of hammocks I can find out there, I got even more excited to start shopping for my hammock. I'll go hunt for promo codes and start choosing the right hammock that will give me the best kind of comfort and relaxation that I'm looking forward to enjoying.

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