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How to Plan for a Frugal Halloween

By Alexis Andrews
October 13, 2008

Halloween is fast approaching, and what can truly be frightening about the October 31 holiday is the amount of time and money that you have to spend on trick or treat, party ideas, costumes, and home decor. But before you give in to your fears, here are a few money-saving ideas and coupon codes, so that you can prepare frugally and still enjoy one of the spookiest times of the year.

Make your own decorations. It’s not really practical to buy supplies with which to decorate your house if you’re only going to be putting these up for a once-a-year occasion. So why buy? With home-made and cheap, easy decor, you can still haunt kids, neighborhood trick-or-treaters, and guests with a cleverly designed Halloween house. Make a backyard graveyard out of painted wooden boards; hang old white sheets that sway eerily in the breeze; use those colorful light bulbs that are stashed away in your attic; download free themed songs to add spooky audio to your Halloween ambience. And instead of buying highly demanded fake cobwebs from department stores, purchase a cheap roll of cotton wool instead, and stretch them out to hang in the corners of doors, windows and ceilings as utterly realistic spider webs. If even that is expensive, use the tape from old cassettes.

Take advantage of freely available online resources and be on the lookout for Halloween coupon codes. There are plenty of online stores and party suppliers that put up a sale exclusively for the season or offer special promos and discounts to accommodate your budget. If you’re shopping for children’s costumes, don’t rule out buying from online auctions, or second-hand sellers. An even better and more creative alternative to buying a brand new costume is to make one of your own. So bring out those unused jars of face paint and be creative with your old, ripped clothes! You can’t be frugal if you can’t be creative.

Think of something other than candy with which to give trick-or-treaters. Not all kids have a sweet tooth; in fact, they will probably be pleasantly surprised to find something different and non-traditional in their bags. Why not stock up on healthy and cheap treats such as temporary tattoos, cool stickers, plastic spider rings, and colored pencils instead? Think out of the box and you’ll learn cost-effective tricks for your treats.

To promote frugal Halloween fun, come up with cheap crafts and activities for your children. There are several sites on the Internet from which you can learn how to: make scary eyeballs out of peeled cherry tomatoes; create brains out of scrambled eggs; mix cosmetics and food ingredients to come up with fake blood; produce vomit out of chunky, refrigerated salsa. It may sound disgusting, and even though Halloween food is meant to look edible, at least you’re bound to save money in preparing these craft ideas.

Lastly, browse through a selection of great Halloween items and supplies and use Halloween coupon codes when purchasing them. That way, the thought of preparing for the supposedly fun and freaky occasion won’t scare you away.

Halloween Frugal Tricks

By Alexis Andrews
September 26, 2008

Halloween can be a fun adventure so invite everyone to your place for carving pumpkins. Then take some pictures of them after they had finished their masterpiece. It would be more fun if kids are given a chance to participate not exactly on carving but on celebrating Halloween by giving them costumes that they like to wear.

You can stage a Halloween disco kids' party on your backyard for instance and let them dance. Before heading all the way to a store to buy Halloween costumes, it is better to double check some Halloween costumes online such as the "Halloween Costumes for You promo codes".

Kids specially love the adventure of celebrating Halloween; you can even prepare a Halloween snack for the rest of the gang. By the way kids love imitation plays. It is a common thing for them to wear like Count Dracula or wanted to pretend to look like a witch. Halloween Costumes for You promo codes will surely provide them with a wide array of great Halloween costumes at an affordable price.

Why we have to celebrate trick or treat every year? There are a lot of opinions about the reason why, well Halloween basically, is a pagan festival that some say goes back to about 3000 years before Christ and which is believed to have originated with the old Celts of Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Old people at that time believed that apple bobbing was an ancient fertility rite, which supposedly allows the participant to see into the future and gain a vision of the person they will eventually mate with!

Trick and treating was instigated by the Druids, who for a food/favor, would supposedly give a household protection from Satanic influences for the coming year. This is just only some of the versions about the origin of Halloween celebration.

As far as kids enjoy the trick or treat, then this is a part of growing up experience of how they will interact with other people, since Halloween is a social activity.

So kids will benefit on this occasion tremendously because this would shape how well they meet with strangers asking for a treat, or how will they be able to cope themselves up if your neighbor doesn't like to present them sweets.

In addition to, kids would really see a remarkable side of how life would be when they will become adults too.

You can also teach them how to be frugal about expenses. Being wise by using promo codes is a good thing to teach them about saving while spending. A child who knows how to save would be a better person someday.

Trick or Treat: Planning for a Unique Halloween

By Alexis Andrews
September 01, 2008

We are all a few months away from Christmas, but before we start collecting coupons and calculating the budget for that, how about we allocate some funds for Halloween? Yes, the occassion is celebrated only for one day –October 31– but every parent or event organizer will tell you that there are plenty of preparations and expenses needed to throw a successful Halloween party: costumes, party supplies, trick-or-treat ideas, food, Jack-O-Lanterns. But it is possible to save time and money for Halloween.

Let’s start with costumes. Some schools like to celebrate Halloween and ask students to show up on that day in the most creative or most frightening costumes they can think of. Some neighborhoods make it a tradition to celebrate the same way. If you don’t want your child’s self-esteem reeling badly from Halloween costume criticism, then assist him or her in selecting which ones will work, and which ones they will be confident enough to wear: a Superman impersonation? Voldemort? It doesn’t have to be scary; they can be dressed up as, say, Cinderella, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, or a Star Wars character. There are plenty of online stores (like and that offer customized, highly-detailed, and yet affordable costumes – and most of them also offer coupons so that you can save money on your costume purchase. Even better, make your own costume!

As for party supplies and decorations, don’t worry. It’s not as bad a logistical nightmare as you think, but only if you plan properly. Before making a decision on anything, research on possible suppliers, food and drinks caterers, candy makers, souvenir stores, and party decorators to make your Halloween a truly unique fright fest. Again, there are a number of all-in-one merchants which you will find online that can offer you their products, services, and coupons at a very affordable price. One of them is But be creative, not expensive. Learn the recipe for candy apples, or toffee, instead of buying them ready-made from a store. Also, you can search for a spooky song to serve as soundtrack for your party. You can put up fake cobwebs on your front door and in the corners of your living room ceiling, and “Trick or Treat" banners to cover up the real cobwebs. As for trick-or-treat, you can make use of an empty pillow case for your child to use instead of buying an unnecessary bag. If you are going to spend on anything, just be sure that you get the best value in making your house a haunted one (even if just for a day).

It would also help make a memorable Halloween if you actually participate in the festivities. Don’t just let your children have a grand time; make it even grander by joining them. Organize party games and give away cheap novelty items – like bobbleheads, snow globes, and horror books – as prizes for the winners. You can make a small bonfire in your backyard garden for a horror story telling session. You can rent a classic horror film DVD and gather the whole family for a night of movie viewing. As long as your active effort is there (and you use coupons to ease your budget constraints), then there’s no need to be scared of Halloween preparations.



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