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   Halloween Costumes 4 U offers the largest selection of Halloween costumes and Halloween-related items at competitive prices. They offer almost all types of costumes for adults, couples, teens, kids, babies, and even for pets. They also specialize in providing the most popular movie and TV character costumes like Batman, Superman, The Avengers, Transformers, Angry Birds and many more. Halloween Costumes 4 U offers a unique collection of costumes, including funny costumes, plus-size costumes, sexy costumes, pet costumes, and accessories like footwear, masks, wigs, hats, decorations, and accessories.
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Select from thousands of costumes available online at discounted prices. With Halloween Costumes 4 U coupon codes, you can get promotions and offers that will help you earn extra savings on Halloween costumes and accessories. Continue shopping online and purchase as many costumes as you want using Halloween Costumes 4 U promo codes to save the most possible.

Halloween Costumes 4 U Coupon Codes for Big Discounts on the Cute and Scary Halloween Costumes

By LJ Ortega
September 28, 2009

I think it's perfect that I found some Halloween Costumes 4 U coupon codes because they are just in time for my preparation for the next Halloween costume I'm going to let my nephew wear. It's just the right kind of apparel that is the "in" thing this season and most stores sell them at rather hiked up prices, so it's really wise to look for promo deals such as the Halloween Costumes 4 U coupons to avail of big discounts on the hot items.

Anyway, back to my nephew and the Halloween costume that I'm going to buy for him the coming week, my sister knows how fond I am of her two-year-old son and she's not complaining at all that I buy him all sorts of clothes and toys whenever I feel like it. My nephew is always the first one who comes to mind whenever I see an announcement on different activities and promotions for babies and children. I enlisted him several times for those baby games and contests they have in malls and I also submitted his photos and videos to different websites and magazines that looked for the cutest and most charming babies.

The most memorable activity I enlisted my nephew in is the Halloween party in our village. He was only one year old when I dressed him up as the scary boy Toshio of the Japanese horror flick The Grudge. The costume didn't take much of a fuss. I just presented him in black shorts, with no shirt (because Toshio never wore a shirt in the movie version I saw), made his face very white, then I lined his eyes with dark brownish circles to create the illusion of ghostly paleness.

My nephew did not win in that Halloween costume party for kids. One major reason why he did not win was because he never lasted five minutes on the stage. The moment he looked at the ghouls he had to stand next to on stage, he started crying out loud. In fact, the kid in the vampire costume next to my nephew was the one who won the grand prize, perhaps because the judges thought the costume was the scariest of all. They probably thought that the costume scared the wits out of the little boy who couldn't stand looking at it without bawling his lungs out on stage. Although I pitied my nephew for feeling so scared, I found it a little amusing that his crying contributed to the judges' choice of the scariest costume.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming Halloween party this year. My nephew is a little older, and I think he's ready to wear a more creative and scarier costume. I'll be using the Halloween Costumes 4 U discount coupons to buy his Halloween costume this year because I saw that Halloween Costumes 4 U carries some interesting costume designs. By using Halloween Costumes 4 U promo codes, I'll be able to avail of big discounts on my purchase of my nephew's Halloween costume and possibly have enough savings to buy him a new toy as well. And, of course, I'm sincerely hoping that he doesn't cry on stage this time around and possibly even win the contest.

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