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By Marian Shepard
October 23, 2009

Luxury isn't usually a word that is associated with green living - it seems that the term eco-friendly conjures up images of hippies living off the land. Another misconception is that you are expected to shell out a sack of money to live in sackcloth and burlap.

But while it is true that while some environmentally beneficial products may cost a bit more than their planet-destroying alternatives, some of them are quite affordable. In fact, through the use of coupons, they're very easy on the pocket.

But affordable doesn't necessarily translate to living cheap either. Today's technology has seamlessly integrated comfort, style, and ecological responsibility, so that we can continue living the life that we are used to - you know, warm, clean, and disease-free, with the basic creature comforts of running water, internet and cable tv - while doing our part to save the planet.

Here are some nifty devices you may not know of that do double duty both as non-essential goods and goods for the planet.

· Showerheads - hi-tech, low flow shower heads release less than 1.75 gallons per minute, effectively lowering the amount of water wasted in the shower. To give bathers the invigorating feel of water pounding onto their skin, these low-flow shower heads have water pressure compensators to mimic that waterfalls-in-your bathroom feeling.

· Soda makers - helping you make your own soda and seltzer, these sleekly designed machines inject carbon dioxide into your water, making them fun and fizzy. Not only does it provide you with a more healthful drink by giving you total control over what you put into the soda, they also reduce the amount of bottles and plastic going into landfills. And while cutting down on the amount of soda bottles you'll have to haul out to the curb every night, make sure to cut down on your costs as well by using GreenandMore promotional codes when making your planet-loving purchases.

· Induction stoves - these amazing cooktops don't get hot while you're cooking. You can actually put your hand right on them and you wouldn't get burned. That's because they make use of electricity converted into magnetic energy to heat the pot and the food, but avoid getting hot themselves. Because there's no flame, there's no loss of unutilized energy, making these stoves up to 90% energy efficient. They also don't heat up the entire kitchen when you're trying to cook one dish, which in turn reduces the efficiency of your cooling system.

· Compost tumblers - yes, thanks to technology, we have arrived at a time when your compost can be more active than some couch potatoes. The best composters are themselves made of recycled material and are essential in creating your own brand of organic, all-natural compost without advertising it to everyone with a nose within the neighborhood. To top it off, compost all but eliminates the need for commercially made fertilizer.

· Steam cleaners - using only water and heat to clean and disinfect your homes, this device uses no harmful chemicals that will in turn find their way into the environment. Something that is truly clean and green, some models are also highly energy efficient, but may cost a little more than your regular vacuum, so be sure to use coupon codes to allow your budget to stretch to accommodate the difference.

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