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   Gourmet Gift Baskets carries an award-winning selection of gift baskets filled with gourmet delicacies for every conceivable occasion – Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, and christenings. Of course, they also carry special seasonal baskets too, for Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Valentines, New Year, and the like. They even have Sympathy baskets! These baskets are not just picked up from a warehouse where thy have been sitting, waiting for someone to come and buy them. These fine baskets are assembled with care by hand, each delicious tidbit that goes into it chosen with a critical eye for quality. Whatever you choose to send, you are assured of top quality products at a good price.
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By Marian Shepard
December 18, 2009

Organizing events and parties really brings out the resourcefulness of people. When shrinking budgets forced me to cut costs, I discovered online coupons. When a demanding client wanted beautiful, unique, and highly-appreciated giveaways for a huge event that were also budget-friendly, I discovered coupons.

My client loved it. We ordered a slew of baskets filled with wine, crackers, jams, and chocolates. The delivery arrived well before the event - a definite plus in an organizer's book - and each basket was perfect. They were delightful wicker baskets that reminded one of warm afternoon picnics, filled with yummy wines and decorated attractively with ribbon. We didn't even have to do a thing to them, except place the gift cards for the recipient.

The recipients were equally thrilled. It looked like a very pricey gift, and of course they all enjoyed the contents with their families and friends.

After that day, I was hooked. I was thrilled at the versatility that gift baskets gave me. The food items filling the baskets were of such excellent quality that I never felt cheap or shy offering them to high-ranking corporate officials, or even guests of honor at social events. The service at the site has always been excellent, as well. To top things off - and my clients would agree that this is the best part of the entire deal - is that with coupons, I can offer them a wider selection of goods that fit within their price range.

When you look at it, gift baskets are almost perfect for giving to people who either a) have everything, or b) appear to have everything. It even works for both types of friends - and by that I mean the people you know well enough to know that they'd love receiving a certain sort of delicacy on a special day, as well as the sort of friend you don't know well enough to give anything too intimate to.

My team and I quickly discovered the benefits of choosing gift baskets as giveaways and gifts at every possible gifting occasion. It could hold almost anything that you wanted, from wines and fine chocolates to kosher goods. Best of all, you could pick and choose items to suit your budget.

Soon enough I began infecting others with my enthusiasm for gift baskets. I sent them out for birthdays, brought wine baskets (my current favorite) to parties, and ordered thank you baskets for clients after their event was done. My sister began buying baskets for christenings and baby showers for her gal pals. My parents begun looking forward to their annual anniversary basket, as huge as we could get, delivered at their doorstep on the day itself.

Happily, my love affair with the gift basket seems to be well on its way, with no end in sight.

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