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Celebrating My Anniversary with Online Shopping

By Alexis Andrews
September 18, 2008

My boyfriend and I are celebrating our first anniversary next month, and I am panicking. What do I get him? Extravagant and magical as he is when it comes to gift-giving, I cannot bring myself to match this talent of his. I am a lady who’s bad at shopping. No, that’s not a paradox: that’s just me. Mind you, I haven’t run out of options. On the contrary, there are too many, everywhere I look on the Internet there are sales and discount codes for everything, but I still haven’t found the gift item that might make me cry, “Eureka!"

Will a new Yamaha guitar please him? He has been strumming a five-year-old C40 acoustic, and maybe now is the perfect time for him to replace that. I might be able to surprise him. At Guitar Center I found a spanking, handsome Gibson Vintage Mahogany Electric, with which I am sure he will be delighted to serenade me. (He had gone all Adam “Wedding Singer" Sandler on me the day we officially became a couple.) Ha! Although it’s rather pricey, I can still save big on a potential guitar purchase if I use one of the online store’s discount codes.

I might also buy him some home gym equipment from Big Fitness. Not that he’s become lazy; in fact, he is doing everything he can to stay in shape: aerobic exercises, running, swimming, playing tennis. My boyfriend is a very active guy. Only, his metabolism is relatively slower than that of most people, so he has to make extra effort to lose unwanted pounds. If I buy him a couple of barbells and a treadmill for keeping fit, then I am sure he’ll appreciate that.

But his best friend Ernie suggested to me something else. Something practical. And something that might help keep appointments. My boyfriend, you see, has a penchant for coming in late – to meetings, get-together dinners, dates, concerts, basically anything that indicates will start on such and such a time. So for our anniversary, a wrist watch might do him good. A silver watch with a twist grey dial from Fossil not only looks elegant and simple and sexy; it also might help him become less capricious and more punctual. I just hope that he gets the hint – without taking offense.

Of course I have not exactly ruled out a possible leisure getaway vacation. Just the two of us, you know? The very lovely thought is driving me crazy. To find out how we might be able to have a grand, romantic time, I looked up the offers being made at Expedia, Inc.: there are very affordable deals, all-inclusive, on trips to Los Angeles (I can already picture the beaches and the sunset!), Las Vegas, Orlando, and even Canada. The good thing about Expedia is that they have such a broad selection from which to choose, and that they do the researching, the planning, and the booking for their customers. If I use one of their discount codes, we could be somewhere out of the city next month, enjoying a kind of precocious honeymoon.

My Best Friend Jerry: Gift Suggestions and Birthday Deals

By Alexis Andrews
September 07, 2008

Today is my best friend Jerry’s birthday. He is now twenty-five years old. Of course, being the klutz that I am, I had forgotten the date, and that’s why I woke up this morning cursing at the ceiling. A few minutes after that, I was at the computer table, searching the Internet for gift suggestions and online coupon codes.

What to give Jerry? He lives in an apartment by himself, a bachelor with too much space around him and too much time in his hands, but he really isn’t that much into sports or rock music or video games like most guys in our neighborhood his age are. Well, he does love alcohol – but I am not going to spend on cases of beer or box of expensive wine for that guy! (I like to promote good habits, you see.)

Anyway, I am thinking of getting him a one-year subscription to a men’s magazine, like Esquire or Men’s Health or GQ. He can read the tips in there on how to keep fit, maintain a bachelor pad, tie a necktie, shave against the grain, and date successfully. Do you think he’ll get the hint and take offense? The truth is, he needs a bit of motivation right now to make his life more active, more productive, more worthwhile. And nothing motivates more than a magazine with, say, a picture of Tyra Banks on the cover.

Or maybe I ought to get him a stainless steel kitchenware set. I saw one on the Web that’s on sale – from a thousand bucks to five hundred, as long as you use the store’s online coupon codes. It comes with a cooker, a countertop oven, a coffee maker, a 3-speed blender, and a chopper. (Pretty good deal, I tell you.) Anyway, I think that this gift will teach Jerry the rudiments of preparing a home-cooked meal; he can even invite a date over to his house for some roast potatoes and fried buttermilk chicken. He won’t have to go to McDonald’s all the time; he won’t have to stuff his mouth with cheeseburgers and high-cholesterol snacks. He can watch his weight, his diet, his health. (I am such a thoughtful friend.)

Speaking of watching, I have one more birthday gift idea for Jerry. He loves movies: action flicks, romance comedies, sci-fi films, critically acclaimed dramas, classics from the fifties, what-have-you. (In fact, our love of movies is one thing we have in common.) Should I present him with tickets or a free membership to an online DVD rental store? I am still not sure, but at least Blockbuster rental store has wisely made available at their website all sorts of gift cards and online coupon codes. The sweet part about this deal is that it can be shared with family and friends. I can come over to his apartment anytime to chill out and enjoy a Star Wars marathon or something.

Or maybe I should just get him a Kobe Bryant Olympics Edition Team USA jersey.

Loving Long-Distance: Gifts and Flower Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
August 22, 2008

Are you far away from your loved one because of a job or a business trip? Are you looking for ways to express your affection? Long distance doesn’t mean that you will be unable to show that you care. With online shopping, you can send your wife or girlfriend a gift, such as sweet just-because cards and a bouqet of flowers. It won’t cost you too much: free shipping and coupon codes have spurred a trend these days towards convenience and low prices.

It used to be that couples away from each other would mean communication difficulties. How can one reach the other when they are hundreds of miles apart? Maybe they’d write to each other on pieces of paper, seal these with envelopes, and go to the Post Office to mail the message. Maybe they would telephone, except that long-distance rates were expensive, and one couldn’t always afford to talk for hours on end. And how inconvenient would it have been to ship a box of chocolates?

Thankfully, these days, a couple can still love each other long-distance. E-mail is always an option; Democratic candidateBarack Obama, when he wins the U.S. Presidential elections, says that everyone will have access to the Internet – not that many still don’t, at present. Also, Skype and other such video conferencing programs have eased two-way communication, with features that include the opportunity to literally see each other via webcam.

Greeting cards have also taken an electronic turn. There are plenty available on the Internet, for free, so you can drop your loved one a romantic line – or just let her know how so in love you are. American Greetings is one site that lets you choose: from the poignant to the animated, from the sweet to the humorous. You can still send real cards, the ones printed on paper, but you can choose the design and make the purchase via the Internet. With coupon codes, you can even get discounts.

Online merchants like Teleflora, meanwhile, allow you to send flowers, plants, and gift baskets to your partner, from wherever you are. Now isn’t that convenient? You won’t have to drag dozens of roses all the way from your apartment to her pad. The flowers are also arranged by professionals who are eager to help you with whatever you have in mind. With an assortment of – well, of flora that can make any girl go all romantic and crazy, Teleflora is a place for those who have thoughtful gift suggestions but don’t have the time.

There are more ways on how to love long-distance. Be romantic and be creative! For ideas on what to get, check out the Coupon Saver website, where you can also find gifts and flower coupon codes.



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