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Collecting cherished keepsakes is easy on the pocket with coupons

By Marian Shepard
January 25, 2010

My mother is the most fanatic collector of figurines that I know, and recently I've begun to add coupons to my stash of online coupon codes for her to use. Not only have they helped her get more than a few items at a great price, but they also help us purchase items at less than list price for her during special occasions.

Dad has constantly joked that mom's collecting has practically taken over the house, and it's true. Their home is filled with glass cabinets and cases holding beautifully delicate works of porcelain and glass art, some of which date back to a time before I was born. There were delightful unicorns, graceful angels, and fragile-looking woodland creatures of varying sizes. They took up little space, and a few sat in the mantelpiece and some less valuable ones even decorated the kitchen counters. Mom just loved them, and she wanted to share them with the entire family and every visitor to her home.

The latest additions were her pride and joy, a bunch of exquisite boy and girl pairs by Lladro. The first one had been a gift from dad on their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary, and she loved it right away. She also set to finding them friends of the same make, and received a couple more pairs for her birthday. This was around the same time I got her something using a coupon for the first time.

What I was surprised to find out was that my mother, as meticulous as she seemed, didn't know exactly what was in her collection. She'd find a piece sooner or later, and remember who gave it to her, relive the good times, and forget it was there until she found the same piece again some other time.

So this year, we began reorganizing her collectibles. I organized the older nephews and nieces into teams, and we went from room to room with a camera, a clipboard, and a laptop, gingerly taking down the collectibles from their shelves and documenting as much data on them as possible. Mom came along too, to tell us things about them that we would never have known without her. Like how that porcelain bunny was the last gift from her grandmother before she had passed on, or that the six-inch porcelain unicorn was a gift from dad - after he'd forgotten their anniversary the year he had started his new job.

It was grueling couple of weeks over summer vacation, but in the end, we had everything on paper an in the database. My eldest nephew taught mom how to encode any new purchases, and I gave her a bunch of coupon codes as a reward for a job well done. I only hope she remembers to record the new data when she uses her coupons!

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