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   GameStop is the world's largest video game retailer. They operate over 6,100 stores in the United States and 17 other countries. They offer an extensive selection of gaming products at affordable prices. GameStop offers games for all gaming platforms, including XBox, Sony PSP, PlayStation 2 and 3, PC games, GameCube, Nintendo Wii, and more. GameStop also allows its customer to download games online, trade-in offers and pre-owned games. GameStop is definitely the top retail destination for gamers around the world.
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By LJ Ortega
November 28, 2009

My best friend called me early this morning and excitedly told me the good news about her son, who is graduating from primary school with top honors in his class. The excited and proudly doting mother is planning a graduation party for her son so that she could share the good news and her extreme happiness with her closest friends and family.

When she asked me for suggestions on how she can make the party fun and memorable for her son, I told her that she should have something that would benefit him and give him the things he has been longing to have. She didn't understand what I meant at first so I explained to her that she could achieve this kind party objective if, for example, she could theme the party in a way that suits her son's taste and interests and possibly encourage guests to give him gifts that he would love to have.

I suggested that we could theme the party with his favorite superhero Spiderman, whom we all know he's really very crazy about. I know the depth of his fascination with Spiderman because I had personally taken him to all three Spiderman movies, plus the repeats he requested. Being his mother's best friend, he has become very attached to me and sees me as a second mother. He also specifically requested me to buy him the Spiderman DVD each time the movie DVD was released. He's also an avid collector of the Spiderman comic books and he's been saving up his allowance plus his birthday and Christmas cash gifts to buy the comics.

He collects anything and everything that has to do with Spiderman. Aside from his DVDs and comic book collection, his room is also adorned with an assortment of Spiderman posters, figurines, banners, and the likes. Even his school bag and notebooks have Spiderman pins and stickers stuck all over them.

My best friend agreed with my suggestion and said she would start planning for a Spiderman themed graduation party to please her son. And as she started her planning, I also started thinking of what gift I would give to the boy that I know he would truly appreciate. Of course, it should also have something to do with his favorite Spiderman.

I found the perfect gift idea when I started surfing the Internet and I came across some GameStop coupon codes that offered great savings on video game downloads.

The GameStop coupons offer discounted access to the world's largest video game retailer, so I'm pretty sure I could find the right collection of Spiderman video games that I could give as graduation gift to my best friend's son.

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