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   Gaiam is a lifestyle media company guiding people who value personal development, natural health, ecological lifestyles and inspirational entertainment. Gaiam Subscription Clubs serves hundreds of thousands of subscribers over the U.S., offering choices that foster a sense of belonging to a healthy and conscious community. Gaiam Yoga Club, an online yoga practice from Gaiam, offers a yoga program that makes it easy for you to fit yoga into your life. They offer the best-selling DVDs to make yoga accessible to millions. The DVDs introduce a category of yoga poses with modifications for different levels, and sequencing principles for personalizing your own yoga program.   

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Practice Yoga at Home with Gaiam Subscription Clubs Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 28, 2009

I'm really getting the hang of healthy living especially with the best deals offered by my Gaiam Subscription Clubs coupon codes that allow me to practice yoga online and do it in the comfort and convenience of my home.

When I first saw the Gaiam Subscription Clubs coupons, I knew that they would completely complement my ongoing health regimen of caffeine withdrawal. I have recently undergone a 30-day no caffeine and no carbonated drinks challenge that really helped in my quest to cleanse my body from toxins and achieve a leaner and naturally healthier body for myself. The practice has helped me a lot in combating digestion problems, and I've been told that it's really a great way to remove toxins that poison the body and cause various diseases.

More than helping me control my caffeine intake, my 30-day no caffeine challenge also helped me become more aware of other naturally healing exercises I should do and healthier products I should feed to my body. To better motivate me to complete the 30-day no caffeine and no carbonated drinks challenge I imposed on myself, I strictly followed a calendar schedule and also made a list of all possible reasons why I wanted to complete the challenge. It did help me stay focused and set my sights on my desired results.

I had pinned the calendar and my list on a wall corkboard and I also went to the kitchen and stashed all the carbonated drinks in a separate cupboard to avoid temptation. My husband, who knew of my little project, bought all sorts of fruits and neatly stacked them in the refrigerator. He said it was best for me to have alternatives to avoid giving in to the temptation.

Barely twenty days into the challenge, I felt a significant change in my body. I started feeling stronger and healthier. I became usually calm and I started enjoying an undisturbed six-hour night sleep. I also noticed that I no longer suffered from stomach pains and palpitations. I also felt that my body wanted me to be healthy. I started watching what I ate and I slowly adapted an eight-minute workout before going to work.

Given the healthy change in my lifestyle, it's all but natural to seek other activities that will help improve what I've been doing so far. And when I saw the Gaiam Subscription Clubs promo codes, I knew that I found exactly what I needed to take my healthy exercises to the next level.

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Practice Yoga at Home with Gaiam Subscription Clubs Coupons

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