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   Extended Stay Hotels is a privately owned hotel brand that operates in the extended stay hotel market. They currently own and operate over 680 hotels with approximately 76,000 rooms across the United States and Canada. Their brands include Extended StayAmerica, Extended Stay Deluxe, Homestead Studio Suites, Crosslan, and StudioPLUS. Extended Stay Hotels offers rooms fully-equipped kitchens, cable TV, wireless Internet access and on-site guest laundry. Their suites are also perfect for business or leisure travel. All of these at the lowest Internet rates possible. Wherever you want to go, finding a hotel at Extended Stay Hotels is easy and convenient. You can make online reservations and find a hotel in your destination.
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Have some Alone Time with Your Spouse Using Extended Stay Hotels Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 24, 2009

Married couples can still share quality time together and just enjoy each other's company by setting a regular "Just Mommy and Daddy Day." They may not be able to do it frequently, but having a regular date of at least once a month would do.

Sharing intimate and memorable moments during a "date" would help strengthen and deepen a couple's relationship. No matter where it is that they choose to go, they will have the time of their lives simply because they're spending it with each other.

If you are married, you should always keep the spark alive between you and your spouse. Make room in your schedule for some special bonding moments or romantic dates. And such dates need not be expensive either. A simple dinner prepared together can be both wonderful and romantic. You can even prepare some snacks and have a picnic at a nearby park.

Back when we were not married yet, my husband and I loved to play video games at our favorite arcade on weekends. After we left the arcade, he would usually buy me ice cream and we would stroll around in the park or the nearby beach. After we got married, we hardly had such leisure dates anymore, especially when the kids started coming and we got too busy with our parental duties.

After some time, I realized that my husband and I didn't have time for each other anymore. Whenever we were together and had a chance to talk to each other, it had always been about the kids, our work, and our household responsibilities.

It was then that I decided to discuss the situation with my husband. I told him that we needed to make time for each other and spend some time together. I said that this alone time together should just be about the two of us, no talks about the house or the kids or our jobs.

Fortunately, my husband saw my point and he readily agreed to mark our regular "alone time." The first time we had such a date, we arranged for the kids to spend the weekend at his parents' house. The kids were reluctant at first but we explained to them that we're following the "Just Mommy and Daddy Day" on our calendars. We assured them that they would have a great weekend at their grandparent's house because Grandma and Grandpa had some big surprise prepared for them for the weekend.

So the kids finally agreed to go and my husband and I had the weekend to ourselves. We availed of some Extended Stay Hotels coupon codes and booked ourselves a room all to ourselves. It was such a pleasant and relaxing experience, and we felt that we were newlyweds once again with nothing and no one else to think about but ourselves. For that entire weekend, my husband and I enjoyed each other's company and made the most of our "alone time" together.

The Extended Stay Hotels coupons we used really gave us the best deals on our hotel stay. My husband really loved how it turned out and he even asked me to reserve more Extended Stay Hotels promo codes for us for our future "alone time" together.

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