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   Exposures allows its customers to protect wonderful memories and unforgettable times with exquisite genuine leather albums and scrapbooks handcrafted and collected from all over the world. They catalog photo storage products to relive captured moments through photographs. Exposures offers photo albums, picture frames, photo storage, decor, photo products, jewelry & novelty, gifts, photo cards, stationery, holiday cards and more. Shop for great products at affordable prices, including among their collection of fine frames and display pieces to share your remembrances with all.
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Preserve College Memories with Exposures Coupons

By LJ Ortega
November 27, 2009

I suggested some Exposures coupon codes during dinner with my cousin's family when talk about her daughter's upcoming graduation got a little too tense for comfort. It was my way of breaking the tension, and I would say that it did work pretty well.

The conversation had veered toward the upcoming graduation of my cousin's daughter, who is a nursing student. My cousin and her husband got too animated and were obviously very excited in telling me their plans for the graduation party. However, by the way the daughter was responding to the flow of the conversation, she didn't seem too thrilled that her parents were too forward thinking with their graduation plans. She commented that she's not too sure about graduating this year because her subjects have become doubly difficult and she's also unsure if she would survive her hospital training.

But her parents insisted that they should start planning the graduation party because it would motivate her to achieve her goal of graduating this year so that all the graduation plans would not be in vain. She rebutted by saying that it's not so much of a motivation but an unpleasant pressure on her part, and that it would only jack up her stress level much higher than she could take.

I noticed that the conversation was getting a little out of hand, and I felt that my presence at the dining table was an intrusion to such a delicate family matter. The pleasant conversational tone that started with the excited descriptions of the planned graduation party turned to an argumentative one as my cousin's daughter started to reason out with her parents. I started to feel like I was caught in crossfire and that I should do something to initiate a ceasefire.

I understood where my cousin and her husband were coming from. They were just excited at the thought of seeing their only daughter, and only child, finally graduate from college. Of course, I also understood the point of their daughter. She did not want the graduation party to be an added burden to her already unmanageable academic load.

Knowing that the family would most likely not arrive on a compromise anytime soon, I tried to divert the topic to something else. I suggested that they should start collecting photos and other memorabilia of their daughter's life as a nursing student. I told her that she could start a photo albums or scrapbooks which she could share with her closest college friends. It will surely be something they would treasure as they leave school and lead different lives.

That's when I suggested the Exposures coupons that offer some of the best deals on photo albums, scrapbooks and other photo products at bargain prices. I told them that I've been using Exposures promo codes in saving money on my own photo collection.

My suggestion seemed like a cool wind that lifted the whole cloud of tension as both daughter and her parents talked excitedly about the photos they wanted to include in the scrapbook they planned to create. They asked me how they could avail of the Exposures discount codes and I told them I would be glad to assist them in looking for some on the Internet.

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