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   Expedia is a travel website where you can find everything you need to have the perfect trip. Expedia is one of the largest online travel companies, and a part of Expedia, Inc., a leading travel company that operates various online travel brands which includes, and Egencia. Expedia offers the latest flight deals and thousands of hotels worldwide. The website also features a wide range of online travel services where you can book flights and hotels in top destinations. Expedia currently has local sites for over 20 countries to help leisure and business travelers search for the best travel deals in their country. Expedia allows customers to book airline tickets, make hotel reservations, look for car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages.
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Expedia coupon codes: cost-effective trip planning right at your fingertips

By Marian Shepard
January 14, 2010

Yesterday, I found out that Expedia coupon codes were the reason behind my friend Terry's efficiency in planning her trips.

We were chatting over the Internet and she was going on and on about the two-week vacation that she had planned for her family later this month. They were going to Italy, and despite the fact none of them spoke Italian, she was confident that they were going to follow their itinerary, and that she knew exactly where the hotel was, knew how to get there from the airport, and knew where they were going when to do what.

I was surprised at how well she had everything planned, almost down to the smallest detail, and with contingency plans, no less! I was especially intrigued because she was quiet a free spirit and more of a "the devil may care" type of planner, a trait of hers that had led to quite a few ... interesting vacations that her family always ribbed her about good-naturedly.

I was baffled even further when she told me it was because of me and all my online coupon talk a couple of months ago that had gotten her thinking about how there could be a coupon out there that could help her plan their trip without having to spend so much. "We're lucky to be going on a trip at all this year, after all," she said, "I really don't need to be incurring any extra unnecessary expenses."

When she discovered Expedia coupon codes, she knew that she had found just want she needed. She immediately set about planning a trip that would make her husband forget that she had ever stranded them in the middle of Taipei, without hotel reservations for almost a whole day, or that she had forgotten to book them a return flight when they had visited Egypt. And the way she spoke, so sure of everything and confident that everything would work out as planned.

She was so sure that this trip would be a success that she had even volunteered to plan her soon-to-be sister-in-law's honeymoon in Paris. Apparently she was able to put together her own package from the offers of affiliated companies on the Expedia site. "you should try it," she urged. "It's so easy, and you can choose the hotels you want, and how you get there. It doesn't have to be dictated by a program."

However easy to use or how efficient it is, Terry insists that the bet part about using Expedia coupons is still how affordable they make everything. "Not only do you get to select the provider that fits your budget, but you also get to slash listed price in some cases. It's so worth it."

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