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   ExOfficio is a leading outfitter of outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. The company offers high quality, innovative clothing for outdoor and travel at competitive prices. ExOfficio's products are sold in more than 600 specialty stores in the U.S., and also sells in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Japan. ExOfficio offers clothing and gear for travel, safari trip, fly fishing, adventuring, outdoor exploration, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. They feature apparel with built-in UV protection, bug repellent, windproof and waterproof protection, climate-controlled ventilation system, and many more.
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ExOfficio Coupons: Making It More Affordable To Face the Outdoors In Comfort

By Marian Shepard
November 06, 2009

Getting outfitted to get outdoors is no longer a task that requires monumental funding. For the newbie outdoorsman who wants to gear up to rough it out without falling prey to excessive expenses, then ExOfficio coupons are just what you need.

The conflict of man versus nature has been around ever since ...well, man. But these days people don't go outdoors to hunt for dinner as often as they used to, and most of us have become way too used to our creature comforts to happily spend a night under the stars in nothing but loincloths and just a rock for a pillow.

But not to fear, technology has advanced to the point where we can almost take it all with us. Clothing manufacturers have worked very closely with scientists to meet the demand for clothes that can be used outdoors that are not too bulky, that protect the wearer from elements, and have several other perks up their sleeves.

One of the said perks is that they have become more affordable for the regular person, especially with the promotions that some companies make use of to lower their prices and make the products more enticing. One such promotion is the use of online coupon codes such as ExOfficio coupons that consumers can use to avail of discounted prices on their online purchases.

One of the major concerns of men and women who want to enjoy the outdoors is that once you're in your "going to the hiking trail" clothes, there's no way you can come back to the city and drive into a mall parking lot to go shopping without getting weird looks and side comments that may or may not involve the words "redneck" or "mountain men".

ExOfficio solved that problem by creating clothes that looked relatively like street clothes with a slightly more rugged air. Even their shoes can go from mountain trail to asphalt jungle in as much time as it takes to step out of your vehicle. But don't be deceived by their looks, they aren't just your ordinary tailored street threads. The fabric that makes up these items is especially formulated to give the ultimate in outdoor clothing comfort.

First, the material is lightweight and airy, which means it doesn't weigh you down or stick to your skin. It also has a patented wicking system, drawing away sweat and other forms of moisture so that you stay cool in humid weather. Some of their clothes even have insect repellant technology - handy whether you're in a tropical forest or an arid desert.

There was a time when you'd expect to pay dearly for products of such caliber. But today, they're within easy reach of the average person. But the above average adventure seeker knows that there are bargains to be had online. They hunt down and make use of ExOfficio promotional codes when purchasing their outdoor gear, effectively lowering their costs.

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Gateway North Corporate Park
3314 South 116th Street
Tukwila, WA 98168



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