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Experience the Joys of Skateboarding with Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
June 16, 2009

This article really should be entitled, "Why I love skateboarding," but then I would have to come up with a

really long piece. There are just too many reasons why. There are too many reasons why I wake up every morning

skipping coffee and breakfast to head out to the neighborhood skate park. There are too many reasons why,

despite my silly injuries to the knees, legs, arms, and elbow, I continue to profess this love for

skateboarding. There are too many reasons why I have splurged bulk of my meager savings on online shops like, and why I spend sleepless nights looking for sports and outdoor coupon codes to support this dd - nay, passion.

So instead of listing down the whys and wherefores of my passion, I'll go ahead and share it with you, let you

experience it.

I would like you to experience the freedom. Ah, the skateboard is a vehicle to move freely - and to have fun

while doing so. Skateboarding can be a job, a sport, a simple recreational activity, or an art form, but to

me, more than anything else, it is a kind of release. There's something about riding my Santa Cruz skateboard

to weave my way through the busy streets of the city, past fellow skaters, onlookers, and pedestrians, and

it's a feeling - a kind of poetry in motion - that's oddly liberating. There are no rules to follow. There are

no limits to where I can go. There are no parking spaces to worry about, too, and no expensive gasoline to

have to run on: just me and the skateboard and the rest of the world.

I would also like you to experience the culture. It is as diverse as any; just head to the nearest skate park

and you'll see the proof. There you will surely find urban youths, music lovers, extreme athletes,

environmental activists, carefree spirits, fashion skaters, artists, even executive types: there is simply no

stereotyping the skateboarder, no matter how terribly other people may try. We're not always reckless rebels,

you know. But there's something we all have in common. We're all stoked by the mad rush of surfing on


I would like you to experience the fun, which is as pure and as cheap as any. I say cheap, because with coupon

codes, you can get yourself a skateboard that will set you back, say, 50 bucks? That's all you are going to

have to spend, at least when you're starting out. I say pure, because personally there's nothing I enjoy doing

more than to just skate with friends and laugh with and at each other and channel my creativity with kickflips

and hippie jumps, even though failure may later mean a sprained ankle and a bruised ego. (And speaking of

channeling creativity, that is also exactly what I'm doing when I utilize online resources and discover great

shopping finds with coupon

codes.) So yes: skateboarding is pure, cheap, unadulterated fun.

All I can do is share you the experience and joys of skateboarding; and with that, I hope, you'll discover

your own reasons.

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1302 29th St. NW, Suite 102
Auburn, WA 98001



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