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Seductive Savings with coupon codes

By Marian Shepard
October 22, 2009

So what if money can't buy you love? At least it can get you a real good time. Nowadays, online resources offer connoisseurs a chance to explore the realms of sex and sexuality with ultimate discretion and privacy. If you're up for it, you can find almost anything online - for a price.

This isn't just for those with money to burn, though. If you want the benefits of playtime without breaking the bank, you can make use of any number online promotional codes. We've found that a common favorite trick around the locker room is making use of coupon codes to make certain desirable items more affordable.

For those on a budget who are just beginning to delve into the wonders of sensuality, here are a few savvy tips that will help you navigate both the boudoir and your budget.

· When setting out on a sexual expedition, the first thing you set out to do is to find like-minded people. Go online and Google a term you're interested in finding out about. Chances are there's an online forum or group dedicated to the discussion. You can choose to go for private groups or commercially-based groups like the, which hosts a discussion group for sexually positive peers.

· Don't assume you know everything. Do your research before you try anything with anyone. Remember, better safe than sorry. You should also pick up a few books (how-to and otherwise) by a reputable author. This is to prevent you from falling prey to the myths running rampant on the world wide web. To save on your "educational" purchases, make sure you make use of promotional codes.

· Finally, you're all ready to lure someone into your lusty embrace. Set the scene for seduction - don't forget the ambiance. Light candles, play music, read erotic stories out loud. Remember, people are more open to experimentation when they're relaxed and aren't feeling threatened - unless, of course, threatening them is exactly what you want to do, which leads us to the next tip.

· Always make sure your toys and props are well-maintained. If you're into restraints, test the cuffs and ties before you start playing. Check for fraying that might cause the restraints to give out. If the person in them was struggling at the time, this may cause injury. Also look for areas that could chaff and hurt you and your partner when put into them. If any of your toys look like they aren't up to par, replace them. Putting off getting new ones and insisting on using damaged props is a false economy - embarrassing medical bills cost way more. Plus, you can make use of coupons to purchase shiny new toys at a lower cost.

· Finally, and most importantly, stay safe. Use lots of water-based lubricant and always choose to use prophylactics. While sex is fun, it's only fun if nobody gets sick or irreparably injured in the process. Using coupon codes to stretch your dollar, make sure to stock up on condoms and other safe sex gear.

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