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   Eastwood Companies or Eastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc. is Canadian company that develops various treatments for NIDDM-Type II diabetes and cancer. EBMR is known as the manufacturer of ELEOTINĀ®, a treatment for non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) which is proven to be safe and effective. The company is also known for its patented 100% natural herbal treatment for normalizing blood glucose levels. In addition to solutions and treatments for diabetes, Eastwood Companies also provides other products for hypertension, obesity and other health concerns. Products of Eastwood Companies are available in various distributors and also via web through their website. EBMR is also continuing its research and study on developing a cure for stomach cancer referred as the Gamma-C 200.   

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Contact Eastwood Companies:

Unit 1130-4871 Shell Road
Richmond, B.C. Canada, V6X 3Z6



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