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   Eastern Mountain Sports is a leading source of outdoor products from your favorite name brands. They offer a huge selection of outdoor gear, apparel and accessories at affordable prices. The company has several retail stores across the U.S. and also offers their products online. Eastern Mountain Sports offers outdoor clothing like jackets, outerwear, sweaters, hiking pants, underwear, hats, gloves, socks, and footwear. They also offer gear for a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping, kayaking, mountain biking, skiing, and so much more. They also carry brands like Marmot, The North Face, Vibram, Black Diamond, Keen, Merrell, and so much more.
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Eastern Mountain Sports Coupon Codes for an Extreme Mountain Climbing Experience

By Sam Greene
May 28, 2009

Mountain climbing is considered one of the most popular recreational activities today. Climbers all over the world take the challenge of exploring the wonders of these mountains and try to overcome the difficulties of reaching the summit. But more than anything, it's the overall satisfaction that a mountain climber feels whenever he reaches and sees the clear view from the top. For those who want to experience this great outdoor climbing escapade, it is important to have the proper climbing gear and equipment for safety purposes. If you want to get into this kind of outdoor activity, it's always best to be geared with Eastern Mountain Sports coupon codes to get additional savings.

Eastern Mountain Sports has everything you need in terms of mountain climbing escapades. From gear to equipment, apparel to accessories, they have everything. If you're looking for top brands, they also carry The North face, Black Diamond, Garmin, Merrell, La Sportiva, and much more. But before going into buying part, make sure you know the proper equipment and gear to buy.

  • Harness is a very important climbing equipment. This will keep you safe during the climb as it is designed o secure the climber to the rope in case of a slip. Harnesses are made of nylon and have padding for more comfort. When you buy a harness, try the harness first for comfort and fitting, and make sure it's easy to get into.
  • Climbing rope is used when climbing up or down the high terrains. This rope is also made of nylon and is usually waterproof to prevent stiffness and freezing during wet and cold conditions.
  • Belay device is an important equipment that is used to control the rope during the belaying. Belaying is when you control the rope to prevent the climber from falling. Carabiners are also used as part of belaying to increase the strength of stopping a fall.
  • Consider investing on webbings. It is a flat material also used to secure the climber. Try to buy nylon webbings and you can also buy different colors for easy identification.
  • One of the basic gears for mountain climbing is climbing shoes. This type of shoe allows the climber to grip to rock face for better control. Make sure you get the fit right and you should feel comfortable when wearing them.
  • For safety purposes, it's always best to wear a climbing helmet. This gear will protect your head from falling rocks or when you hit the side of the cliff. When buying one, make sure you get the right fit and comfort.
  • Chalk is used to keep the climber's hands dry when climbing. You can buy a chalk bag where you can strap around your waist or clip into your harness with a cariber.

Now that you know the basic gear and equipment for mountain climbing, be sure to buy new gear and choose the trusted brands. I know they're quite pricey but never choose the price over quality. Remember that safety is a priority. You can use sports and outdoor coupons such as Eastern Mountain Sports coupon codes to get discounts and the latest promo deals on their products.

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1 Vose Farm Road
Peterborough, NH 03458



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