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By Paul Andrew M. Sandalwood
May 19, 2009

A great outfit is never complete without an excellent pair of shoes. Whether you go for casual footwear that never fail to raise your fab factor up a notch, or formal varieties that simply make you oozing with elegance, shoes require a great deal of care and attention to make them last for a long time.

While most fashion aficionados go for pricey brands that promise to endure continuous usage, truth is, expensive or not, shoes require a great deal of care and attention to keep them looking as great and sturdy as the day you bought them.

Although regular cleaning is very beneficial for the continued sturdiness of your footwear, below you will find other useful tips and advice on how to preserve the splendor and durability of your shoes without blowing away most of your budget on shoe maintenance products.

1) Always make sure to completely dry off your shoes after using. Apart from preventing the development of molds and bacteria that can eat away a considerable amount of material, removing excess moisture also ensures that the interiors of your shoes will retain a neutral smell.

2) Keep in mind to have a separate storage place for your leather shoes. While canvas and plastic footwear can be kept almost anywhere, avoid putting your leather ones near windows and doorways that can be easily reached by water and sunlight. Wrapping them in crumpled old newspapers helps as well.

3) Do not deposit abrasive liquids like industrial alcohol and lacquers along with your footwear. Besides the possibility of leaking, these substances can react with the materials your shoes are made up of and wear them down prematurely. If possible, place your footwear on a shoe rack or a similar house furnishing at all times.

4) Just like clothes, each type of footwear is used for a specific purpose. Although rubber shoes can be quite versatile, leather shoes and high-heels can easily wear down when used in activities that require constant foot movement such as running and brisk walking.

5) Never use a single pair over and over. Besides allowing the compressed fibers in the soles and sidings to rise back up again, letting the shoes rest for a day or two somehow preserves their shape and overall performance as well.

6) Make it a habit to wear socks and leggings when wearing shoes to prevent perspiration from pooling inside the layers of the soles. Excessive accumulation of sweat in these areas can encourage the growth of microbes that can give your footwear a foul smell. Likewise, avoid leaving used socks inside your shoes to keep it as sweat-free as possible.

However, getting a hold of quality footwear nowadays can be quite tricky on the budget. While opting for expensive brands can ruin your finances sooner or later, and settling for inferior labels do not guarantee the comfort and luxury you deserve, why not use coupon codes and get access to some of the finest shoes available without putting up with ridiculous rates?

In fact, having your share of excellent footwear need not be costly or difficult. Begin making use of shoes coupon codes and get ready to load up on the most superb models in the market for a fraction of the cost!

Preserving the elegance and stability of your footwear can be truly bothersome on your budget. Rather than paying good money for substandard types that can break down unexpectedly, start using coupon codes and make your subsequent shoe-shopping experiences way more pleasurable.

Comparably, using e-codes can help you load up on the finest items accessible these days while keeping your finances in check. Apart from finally getting all the products you have been dreaming about for a long time, you wonÂ’t have to worry about overspending ever again!

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