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Guilt-Free Shopping Spree with Department Store Online Deals

By Alice C. Woodhouse
March 10, 2009

Shopping is fast becoming an addiction, but who can blame them when all they can get everything they could ever want by simply paying for it with cash or swiping their credit cards. But many experts have said that shopping, indeed, is a ¬ďhigh-risk condition¬" that just may be a shopaholic's ticket to drowning in hellish debts. There's really no denying that shopping makes people feel good, and there's even a science behind it that explains how people associate shopping with pleasure; and that pleasure really brings about a kind of stimulation or an activity in the brain that immediately gives on person a natural high.

We all have experienced that amazing sensation buying a great designer brand dress or a simply elegant piece of high-priced jewelry, with or without promotional deals! And how indescribably sensational it feels, despite the fact that there's something nagging in our brain about how that extremely pricey item could set us back on our savings.

Sometimes we make rash and unwise decision with spending and the miserable feeling, often referred to as a ¬ďbuyers remorse¬", leaves us with the very opposite of the happy boost shopping has given. Escalating cases have produced the so-called Compulsive Buyers, who buy everything at anything that strikes their mood. Compulsive buyers easily get high on spending money, but after that feel the inevitable anxiety mostly due to the fact that these kind of people actually don't have enough income to pay off their tremendous shopping sprees!

Learning to live within our means means may seem like an easy way to do it, but the question remains: How? Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. We purchase things that break out budget for this month. Little things like $10 more, or $22 more is going to reflect on your accounts no matter how you hide or try to forget it. Learn ways and tricks to curb your appetite for shopping, and if it's unavoidable, always remember that there are a lot of ways that you can save even while you're spending!

One of the great ways to save is to look for extreme bargains and shop only when department stores have sales. It's tempting to feel that certain thrill of buying new shoes and handbags after a horrible week or when you're feeling miserable, so remember to target those malls and shopping centers that offer big discounts and accept department store coupon codes to save you so much money and from total anxiety!



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