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   Colonial Candle has been leading the candle industry since 1909 with its excellent service and superior quality products. The company is known for their oval shape container candles available in different sizes. They also offer a wide selection of scented candles and accessories at affordable prices. Colonial Candle uses the finest natural ingredients to provide the highest quality candles to their customers. Colonial Candle's candles are available in various fragrances. They offer pillar candles, jar candles, simmer snaps, taper candles, tealight candles, and more. Colonial Candle also sells candle accessories like candleholders, candles plates, car fresheners, pillar holders, taper holders, tealight holders, and many more.
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Get the biggest savings on candles and candle accessories with Colonial Candle promo codes. Shop candles online at Colonial Candle and choose from a range of refreshing scents. Look for more Colonial Candle coupons for more deals and discounts.

Colonial Candle Promotional Codes and Safety Tips for You

By Alexis Andrews
June 17, 2009

During a trip to Bangkok, while shopping for souvenirs and Thai products to bring back home, I came across a stall that sold candles. Aroma candles, carved by hand to make them look like fully-bloomed roses, leaves, elephants, dragons, even peppers, and all other uniquely designed oriental things that be. Their beauty made my jaw drop. I bought several but eventually I ran out, so recently I went on a quest to find a store here that sells something similar. Enter Colonial Candle.

With over a hundred years' worth of experience in craftsmanship, Colonial Candle is one of today's leading candle makers. The store makes use of the finest ingredients, such as proprietary wax blends, one-of-a-kind fragrances, lead-free wicks, and dyes with colors last all the way through. These are made by creative artisans who have not only combined science and art, but who also serve as environmental stewards whose manufacturing facility is as "green" as any. Beyond candle-making, however, Colonial Candle burns with passion for delivering the finest home fragrance and d├ęcor products to your home. And for good value, too: with the use of Colonial Candle promotional codes, one can shop for designer candles and accents at conveniently affordable prices.

Before making use of those promotional codes, however, keep in mind these several tips. They should help make your home not only romantic and elegant, but - most important of all - safe.

1. Place the candles away from combustible items. These include cleaning chemicals, wet paint, hairspray cans, and other similar products that will easily provoke a flame and cause unexpected explosions or fire. If you're not sure, don't risk it: a pet or a child may knock the candles over and the next thing you know you have a house burning.

2. Place away from anything made of cloth. Curtains, bed sheets, pillows, rugs, mattresses: these can spread fire just as quickly as they can catch them. Also, the air draft near windows and vents can be very dangerous once a burning candle is placed near areas where they are.

3. Put it out. You don't want an eternal flame, so don't forget to properly put it out before you leave the house or retire to bed. A forgotten burning candle tonight can become a "house on fire" statistic tomorrow. Even the candle melting through its container or the surface on which it is placed can be destructive to the items and things in your house.

4. Consider a sexy bath. One of the most romantic safety precautions you can take as far as candles go is to place them where the flame is intimately close to water. And by that I mean the bathroom. You can fill the edges of your tub with scented candles and evoke the right mood to fit your amorous sensibilities. Should anything go wrong, you'll have what's necessary to extinguish the fire.

So there: my tips on romantic and safe use of aroma candles. You can do without exotic handcrafted candles from Thailand, but you can't do without taking the steps needed to keep yourself and your home safe. For more information, tips, promotions, and gifts and flowers promotional codes, simply visit Coupon Saver.

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Cannon Falls, MN 55009



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