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An Excited Geek’s Christmas Wish List – Complete with Coupon Codes

By Alexis Andrews
October 09, 2008

I am an excited geek. Make that over-excited. The past few days I have done nothing but make a list of what I would want to have on Christmas Day this year, and Halloween isn’t even a few weeks away. Nevertheless, I believe that this hard work and early planning will pay off, because people who plan on giving me gifts will have a good idea of what I want – and, with my collection of coupon codes, will enjoy good savings if they do decide to get me the following items.

First and foremost I want an Apple iPod touch. I mean, who doesn’t? It has a sleek new polished stainless steel design, which I am sure will feel good even in my sweaty palms, as well as a 3.5-inch widescreen display that will aid my vision better than my pair of nerdy eyeglasses can ever do. It would be especially nice to have the 32 GB model, so I can fit over 7,000 songs and 40 hours of video in the memory. It’s a bit pricey, but with Apple Computers coupon codes, my gift-giver (who will it be?) can save on discounts, sales, and free shipping.

I would also love to have the 12-inch Augen APF12CW digital photo frame, so I can keep and display my memories without having to worry about printing and buying photo albums. I particularly like the above-mentioned model, because it has a built-in speaker through which music can accompany the picture slideshow. Isn’t that cool? What’s more, the cherry wood frame has a classic look to it, kind of like the traditional ones we used to have in our living room at home, placed right in between the fireplace arm chair and a decade-old grandfather clock. Only this time, it’s a photo frame that comes with a remote control. If anyone out there is interested to give me this as a gift for Christmas, let me know. I have collected gift and reward certificates to ease the financial consequences of your generosity.

Searching for coupon codes on the Internet did take a lot of effort and time on my part. Why? Because my trusty old laptop is suddenly no longer trusty and has become too old. It’s an old notebook model of Toshiba. I might keep it for sentimental value, but this Christmas it would be wonderful to unwrap the gift of a new laptop. I’d be very happy with a dramatic red Lenovo IdeaPad U110. It’s an ultra-portable and stylish notebook, travel-ready and impeccably styled. Has technology been more beautiful? Anyway, I know that I have a very slim chance of getting this particular model – unless Santa comes in to knock at my door on Christmas Eve – but I nonetheless am keeping the Lenovo e-coupon codes that I had retrieved from the Web.

So there you have it. I hope that I am not too demanding; as a geek, I don’t really have a sense of proportion on which technologies are necessary and which ones aren’t. To me they are all “essential luxuries"; my life would be a lot better if only I had them: an Apple iPod touch, a digital photo frame, and a Lenovo IdeaPad laptop. If you’re getting me these and need coupon codes, you know my E-mail address.

An Online Shopper’s Diary

By Alexis Andrews
August 14, 2008

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s August already. It will be Christmas season in a few months’ time, and I haven’t even completed my shopping list yet. Who will I include? Who will I leave out? I do know that the number of people in my list will be more conservative this year, given the economic woes the world is experiencing.

Not that I’ll be less generous. I have this reputation for being one of the most extravagant gift givers in the neighborhood, and I won’t allow that to be tarnished just because I am feeling the pinch of a weakened dollar. Besides, giving a lot doesn’t mean spending too much. One only has to be creative with his or her purchases.

That’s why I’m keeping myself in the loop, and working hard to find what’s hot out there. It helps to know where I’ll get the best value for my money. As usual, I’m doing all my research on the Internet. No use window shopping all over the town on four-dollar-a-gallon fuel. It’s a lot more convenient sitting in front of my computer anyway. Today I received a newsletter from They were advertising 40% off of a selection of their bestselling recipe books, and I know that my sister-in-law Kate –a total control freak in the kitchen– will just go crazy if I gave her one of those for Christmas. I’ve saved the message and moved it to my To Buy Next folder.

I’ve also been copying, pasting, and saving coupon codes for a bunch of possible gift items that I might purchase online. I’ve learned that being thrifty pays off – literally. That’s why, if I can, I avail of the promos and discount offers that take a few more cents, a few more dollars, off of each item. Just last week, while looking for a bottle of wine for a dinner party I was about to attend, I managed to find high-quality Chardonnay being sold at a bargain price. I bought several bottles within the next few days; better to stock up for the season, I thought, before the coupon codes expired.

I am also Googling heavily to have an idea of what I am going to get myself – or what I might subtly suggest others to get for me. I started by typing “Pink Nano, 8 gigabytes". There are an awful lot of good deals, all of which I have bookmarked and saved in My Favorites folder. Most of them promised free shipping, and another indicated that part of the sale will be used to fight AIDS victims. I am going to drop a hint to my best friend Stephen and tell him it’s high time we make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. If I have to be more direct I’ll just mouth off the coupon codes.

Anyway, my dear diary, I must sign off for now. I ought to start working on my list; time is ticking fast.



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