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By Marian Shepard
January 08, 2010

It's become so much more convenient and to purchase calendars that I actually like with coupons. More affordable, too, since these online coupons let me avail of special discounts from the site.

I never liked the more common calendars that were given away by every other business during Christmas and New Year; I always thought that they were just looking for cheap ways to advertise their products. Besides, who wants to stare at a corporate logo all year? But they were always a necessary evil - I like having calendars in all major rooms (yes, even a small one in the bedroom - and I didn't want to spend too much on purchasing specialty calendars.

But with the advent of coupons, I couldn't resist. I loved their beautiful designs, and there were so many to choose from! There are calendars for pet lovers, sports enthusiasts, movie buffs, lovers of architectural structures, those who love the outdoors, and those who just like to have a good laugh every now and then.

They even make great year-end gifts, and are especially nice as last-minute additions to a gift basket or a care package. I usually send mine out with a little note of well-wishing for the coming year. I try to choose a calendar that I know the recipient will like - such as a humorous cat calendar for a friend who lives with seven felines and knows how fun any funny her furry companions can be. When shopping for our own home, I also match the designs with d├ęcor in the room I want to place the calendar in - a fishing and game calendar in the den, for example, while a chocolate-themed calendar hangs in our kitchen.

There are also many kinds of calendars, so I can pick and choose styles that suit a recipient's personality. For doodlers, I like to get the calendars with lots of unlined space - usually measuring 12" by 12", these calendars are great for scrawling on and making interesting comments on the days as they go by. For the more business-minded folks on a busy schedule and for students who need to keep track of their classes and other activities, I like to get the smaller, planner-type calendars. They're easy to fit in a book bag, and have the hours of the day pre-marked so they can easily jot down appointments and reminders.

When the year ends and I find myself on my calendar's last pages, I make a mental note to take them all down and clip out the nicer photos and quotations. In true waste-not, want-not fashion, I take these to decorate cards, or decoupage them onto keepsake boxes that I make for friends. Then the cycle starts all over again with more promotional codes and brand new calendars.

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