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   Busted Tees is an online store created by, a leading comedy brand on the internet that features hilarious original videos, photos and articles. Busted Tees offers unique t-shirts with funny designs. Most of their products are printed on American Apparel, a high quality shirt brand. Other than t-shirts, Busted Tees also offers hoodies, posters, kids' shirts, and accessories. You can select from a unique collection of t-shirt designs that includes movies, music, politics, sports, pop culture, and more. They also offer brands like Nostar, Animal Pharm, Defunker, and Goape Shirts.
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Wear the coolest t-shirts in the market from Busted Tees, and try to use Busted Tees coupon codes to look good, feel comfortable, and save more money. With these Busted Tees online coupons, you can avail discounts and money-saving deals.

How To Iron Your Tees Properly While Saving Cash With Busted Tees Coupon Codes

By Paul Andrew M. Sandalwood
June 17, 2009

Through the years, tees have evolved from being common everyday garments to fashionable works of art. There are countless varieties available these days that you will have a hard time picking out the best choices to suit your sense of style.

While the advent of modern fabric technology introduced wrinkle-free apparels that don't require ironing, clothes still look their best when pressed. If you don't know how to get those unsightly creases out of your prized tee, this article is for you.

Here are some useful tips and pointers on how to iron your tees properly without spending more than you ought to:

1. Read the manufacturer's instructions first before pressing. Some tees require low heat to prevent the fabric from shrinking, while others require minimal ironing strokes to stop the material from stretching.

2. Make sure you have a rigid yet smooth ironing board to work on. Using wobbly ones can make the job harder, as well as add a few more creases than you began with. Set your iron to the lowest heat setting possible so as not to damage your tee's fabric.

3. Turn your tee inside out if it is printed with a rubber-based material. Never try ironing over the print or else it will melt and completely ruin your shirt. Do the same if your tee has buttons or sequins.

4. Squirt a few drops of water as you iron your tee. Apart from helping the fabric to stay stiff for a long time, this also helps retain the fresh-smelling scent of detergent longer.

On the other hand, with the exorbitant prices of quality shirts lately, you will have a difficult time grabbing the ones you like without putting your budget in peril. Why not use Busted Tees coupon codes and have your share of some of the most superb styles without overspending?

Getting hold of the finest collectibles, clothes and toys for your growing kids need not be very heavy on the budget. Begin using big kids and teens coupon codes and grab the finest labels in the market for less.

While Busted Tees coupon codes can keep you in style minus the steep prices, using e-coupons gives you access to the widest selection of excellent products without wrecking your finances. Now, shopping will be a much more enjoyable experience!

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Buy Affordable Funny T-Shirts With Busted Tees Coupon Codes

By Sam Greene
January 26, 2009

Funny t-shirts nowadays have been very popular not just for kids, but also for teens and young adults. The t-shirts come with simplicity but show a strong appeal to people, which make them one of the latest fashion developments in the modern era. As it continues to grow in the fashion arena, some people consider funny t-shirts not just a fashion statement but a personal representation of their funny side. If you’re one of those who want to express any type of funny iconic figure, word or phrase without opening your mouth, Busted Tees coupon codes offers you rare, helpful money saving deals. You can get great discounts and promos with every purchase of Busted Tees’ uniquely designed funny t-shirts.

T-shirts are probably the most recognizable part of your wardrobe. When you wear the same pants or shoes for the whole week, majority of the people who see you regularly wouldn’t really notice it. But when it comes to t-shirts or tops, it’s a different story. When you engage with them, they would immediately recognize your shirt. Although some wouldn’t really care, it would be great if you present a new guise. Nobody likes to wear the same shirt every day, right? It is best that you keep a couple of t-shirts in your cabinet. Funny t-shirts from Busted Tees would be a great choice because it is affordable and simply amusing for others to look at.

The way you dress up tells something about yourself. What you wear affects the perception of others towards you. When wearing a funny shirt, make sure to rule out rude and offensive images or text that would hurt or infuriate others. Remember that the purpose of these funny t-shirts are fashion and simply to exhibit a happy, cheerful and positive expression to others. Busted Tees provides discounted t-shirts that communicate different images and phrases about politics, religion, and pop culture, but all with the idea of showing humor without discrimination or degradation.

Funny t-shirts are great gifts for your family and friends. It’s cheap and it would definitely make them smile. Funny t-shirts are very unique, which makes it an ideal gift for any occasion. At Busted Tees, you can choose from a wide variety of funny designs that would perfectly fit the recipient’s personality. If you’re thinking of the quality of the t-shirt, Busted Tees prints their designs on American Apparel t-shirts, one of the top quality shirts in the market. Giving Busted Tees’ funny t-shirts to your loved ones will certainly put a smile on their faces… and others too.

Funny t-shirts aren’t that expensive and they’re even cheaper compared to branded ones. If you want to save even more, Busted Tees promotion codes are the best money savers for you. Funny t-shirts basically make you look good, feel good, and funny, but in a good way. All of us have that funny character within, but sometimes we just don’t let it out through our mouths. Instead, we use fashionable funny t-shirts as a representation of our humorous side. Funny t-shirts are like humor and fashion squeezed into one.

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