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Pick energy-efficient lighting at reasonable prices using coupons

By Alexa Stephens
August 27, 2010

Home lighting contributes to the total cost of monthly power consumption. Using incandescent light bulbs for your indoor and outdoor lighting can eat up more electricity. You can save on your power bills by opting for energy saving lighting fixtures.

Lower your household's power usage by replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) lighting. Find online discounts to minimize the cost of your home lighting needs. Pick quality energy-efficient lighting at reasonable prices using coupons.

Light bulbs (CFLs) for consumers are more cost-effective than incandescent bulbs. They are known to use up 75% less energy and have long been tested for their durability. Using coupons help you save on CFL or LED lighting purchases. But more importantly, you can expect succeeding electricity bills to be much lower.

Going energy efficient on your lighting fixtures is just one of the vital steps to green your home. You can further lower your power usage by using eco-friendly appliances and gadgets. Take advantage of discount deals like promotional codes to get energy saving appliances, air purifiers, humidifiers, and many more without ruining your budget.

It also helps to save energy with your computer. Computer usage at home consumes substantial amounts of electricity. There are households that have more than one computer functioning almost always at the same time.

It may not be always possible to limit the time you spend working on your computer. One way to minimize power consumption is to use energy saving computers. Consider budget and eco-friendly computers for your home office or family members' use. Choose energy-efficient PCs or laptops that you can find at discount rates using pcRUSH promo codes.

Another approach to saving on your power bills is to use lighting, appliances, and gadgets less. There is no better way to do this than doing activities that do not require use of electricity. Turn off your computer and take the time to read or step out for a walk. You can also start a dd like gardening instead of spending your spare time watching TV or surfing for random things online.

Gardening can be a very rewarding leisure pursuit. You can grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs in your backyard garden or plant boxes. Start growing a garden without spending much on seeds using Henry Fields coupon codes. Cultivating your garden will eventually yield you the most pleasant harvests like fresh produce and lovely blooms.

Greening your home is an important step to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It is also a great way to lessen energy consumption. Lower your monthly power bills by using energy-efficient home products. Save with coupons to purchase lighting, appliances, gadgets, garden supplies, and many more.

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