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Find Borders coupon codes to save money on entertainment and educational products like books, music CDs, DVDs, and more. Coupon Saver will provide a selection of Borders promotional codes for you to have an unforgettable shopping experience. coupons : your ticket to creative gift giving for every occasion

By Marian Shepard
October 27, 2009

Ever found yourself stumped in the search for the perfect gift or at a loss for gift options because you can't get around a tight budget? Don't fret, help is here! It doesn't take much to be creative and generous with your gift giving. All you need is a little planning, and coupons.

The first rule of economical gift-giving is to always be on the lookout for great gifts that may be had at a lower cost. Browse online for good deals even when there is no imminent occasion, because opportunities crop up when you least expect them. Besides, at some point, you're going to have to give something to someone anyway. Keep alert, and that way, when the chance presents itself, like a special promotional code you just can't pass up, you'll be ready to make use of it.

You can also make use of certain cost-saving devices like promotional coupons to stock up on "quickie" gifts so that you're never unprepared. They can be gift cards (but always make sure that you give them away before they expire), a few bottles of wine, or a couple of pads of beautiful stationery. That way, the next time you're invited over to a friend's home unexpectedly, you'll always have something for your hosts.

However, be sure not to hoard gifts, either. When buying items ahead of time, it helps to keep a little list of what you've already bought and for whom, so you don't double up on a single recipient without meaning to.

Also, remember to put some thought into gifting and tailor the present to the recipients' needs and wants. This takes a little investigative talent. It's easy to give a friend who likes owls a book on the subject, but with a little creative questioning, you can avoid giving her a book she already owns.

People also generally like gifts associated with their hobbies or interests. A foodie friend, for example, will appreciate a book on the slow food movement, even if he's never heard of it before. In fact, that's bonus points for giving him something that will expand his horizons and peak his interest anew.

You should also choose something appropriate to an occasion. While a new dishwasher may be just what your wife needed, it's highly unlikely that it would be well received when given to her as a token of your love on your 25th anniversary. Get her something romantic, like the first movie you've ever seen together on Blu-ray DVD. She'd be so thrilled that she won't even mind that you shaved a few dollars off the price of her gift by using coupons. You, on the other hand, get the title of wonderful husband and creative gift-giver extraordinaire.

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