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By LJ Ortega
October 26, 2009

Finally, after scouring almost all bookstores in the city and filing countless reservations online, I will be holding my very own copy of Haruki Murakami's Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. It's so hard to secure a copy of that book! It's always sold out and I'm always unfortunately an hour or so too late from catching the latest delivery. Someone always gets hold of the last copy (like what happened to me with the last copy of Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns and also that of Mitch Albom's For One More Day during the first month of their release).

But, as I said, I will soon hold my own precious copy of Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. This will be my fifth Haruki Murakami book (the other four are Blind Willow Sleeping Woman, Kafka on the Shore, Dance Dance Dance, and After Dark) and so far I've only heard good reviews on the book from Shelfari members. Most Murakami fans say that Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is Murakami's best book so far -- though some also say that Norwegian Wood is in the same league. After I finish Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, I will start looking for a copy of Norwegian Wood. I also haven't seen a copy of that book. It's probably selling as well as Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

But, actually, I think all Haruki Murakami books have become hot items because of his growing fan base. I for one have been responsible for enticing my officemates and friends to try reading Murakami. Kafka on the Shore has been my greatest come on for them. I just kept raving to them how much I enjoyed reading Kafka on the Shore and even shared with them my quotables from the book (my most favorite of which is the line "There are many things we only see clearly in restrospect."). True enough, they all read -- some are still reading -- Kafka on the Shore and are now as hungry as I am for more of Murakami's work.

I so love Murakami's writing style. He is very insightful about life but manages to impart his profundity in a surreal style that remains believable no matter how much he warps the existence of the thin line between reality and the dream world. Like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Murakami employs magic realism, but somehow Murakami's works are still in a league of their own.

Before the day ends tomorrow, I will be opening the first pages of my copy of Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and I just know that I will be lost again in Murakami's compelling world.

For my next Haruki Murakami books, I plan on getting them online so that I wouldn't go through the same difficulty and hassle I went through in acquiring my own copy of the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. There are special offer codes that give the best deals on the latest bestsellers and thousands of rare books.

With the coupon codes, I will definitely save money because I rent paperback or audiobooks with the lowest subscription fees. I don't have to wait long to start reading the story I've been looking for. I can instantly have a copy using coupons and enjoy reading the book immediately. Then I can take my sweet time acquiring my own copy for my collection since I will no longer be in a hurry to read the story. For sure, I will get a taste of this convenient book rental using promo codes as soon as I finish reading the book that took me great pains to obtain.

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