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Wise Budgeting For a Baby

by Chris Green
September 22, 2009
Babies are lovely creatures. Bundles of joy and love that constantly amaze and inspire you. The euphoria quickly disappears and you come crashing back to earth after you realize how much they cost. Wise budgeting for a baby must be done if you want to start a family.

Many people fail to prepare adequately for the arrival of a new baby. A baby can put your finances at jeopardy. If you were teetering on the edge of instability before, you may just get pushed over the edge.

Parents always want to give their children the best that the world can offer. Careful planning and preparation can do that.

Prepare before getting pregnant. Pregnancy can be costly. There are pre natal check ups to consider. Your pregnant partner may even have to stop working in some cases. Even before she gets pregnant, work out a budget.

Pregnancy lasts nine long months. You can use the time when pregnant to prepare for the baby┬'s eventual coming too. Try living on a single income. In most cases, your partner will have to stop working to take care of the baby. Living on a single income helps you save you money faster and acclimatizes you and your partner to living on a budget.

Ideally, pay off all your debts before having a baby. When you have a baby, you can focus your finances on his care. Babies┬' needs can be quite expensive and will last until he goes to college or beyond.

Know what you need for baby and how much it will cost you. Start with baby products like milk and diapers. You have to create a budget that will reflect the baby┬'s additional expenses. This may mean a compromise or complete elimination of expenses in other areas of the budget. Yes, having a baby can be quite the sacrifice.

Get the most out of your benefits. If you and your partner will be working at the same time even after the baby arrives, research your possible options with regards to benefits. Your plan should reflect not only your needs but baby┬'s as well.

Find out what tax breaks you are eligible for when baby arrives. There are tax breaks meant entirely for parents and their children. An example of these tax breaks is a deduction on child day care costs. There are limits but a deduction in taxes is always a good thing. You can apply the savings to your savings and help it grow, or you can apply the savings to baby┬'s expenses. Ask a tax advisor what tax breaks you can take advantage of.

Take steps to insure the future. Protect your family┬'s future and your income by purchasing a life insurance policy or disability insurance policy. If you can┬'t purchase under your company┬'s group policy, go for an individual account. You can never tell what the future holds so be prepared.

Write your will and designate guardians for your child. Death is a fact of life. Everyone dies sooner or later. Having a child puts you in the position of having to be responsible for a life other than your own. Your child isn┬'t in a position to assume responsibility for his self. Write a will and name your child┬'s guardian in case anything happens. Name someone you know will welcome the responsibility and who will meet all your child┬'s needs, not just the financial ones.

Enjoy your children. Their arrival will mean sacrifices, true. But every sacrifice you make is well worth it.

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Wise Budgeting For a Baby



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