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Why Being Eco-Friendly Makes Cents

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 18, 2009
Our natural resources are depleting dramatically, and all the while the money in our pockets, too. Going green is the now the focus of all people all over the world, changing habits and lifestyles and how humans impact the environment. Sustainable Development is the buzzword of the year, as it entails going green and being eco-friendly, which makes sense because not only does it help Mother Nature but it makes for a huge cut in our spending and expenses.

Cutting Paper Usage: Saving Money, Saving Trees

The reams of white bond papers next to your printer are from trees that the earth really needs. Why is it sitting on your desk, getting ready for it to be printed and crumpled in the end? The Unites States alone uses around 4 Million tons of copy paper, which equates to about 27 pounds of paper per person. Here are some tips to lessen your guilt and your expenses on paper:

  • Print on two sides. When printing, use the two sides to maximize each and every paper.
  • For the junk mails that you receive in your mailbox which you constantly throw in the trash, contact your local Direct Marketing Association and ask to remove your name from the mailing list.
  • Important bills for water, electricity, phone and others can be arrange with each company to give you the option for online billing. Ask your utilities provides so you can receive and pay your bills electronically. You'll lessen the paper from bills and envelopes and eliminate fossil fuel, too.
  • Recycle. There's always a local recycling center in your city or town. Ask them if they can pick up your stuff.

Saving On Water, Water Everywhere!

All over the world there's a global concern for the increase in water consumption and water shortage in various places in the world. There are now programs such as Rain Harvesting and others to combat the problem of water. You can do this in the comfort of your own property, too. Rain is one of nature's free gifts to us as an excellent way to save on the water bill.

  • Get containers, preferably with covers, to collect rainwater in your yard or garden. You can use the water for cleaning your car, watering the lawn, your garden and your indoor plants.
  • After collecting the rain for that day, don't use it all up the day after. Save your rainwater to be used for as long as a whole week. Rainwater may just be the ticket to save your garden in times of drought.
  • One of the popular and more efficient ways is to set up a rain barrel. Rain is collected by a lining in the roof gutter. You can head to your nearest hardware or home ware store for a rain barrel, and some features to look for include: a spigot that can be connected to a garden hose, a fully screened intake to keep out mosquitoes and debris, a linking system to connect additional barrels, and a sufficiently large overflow hose so that excess rainwater can be carried away.

The problem with water bill is that it is also experiencing a sharp price increases in recent years, just like electricity and gas.

Electricity and Electronics

The source of the biggest consumption of your money may just be the electricity in your house, which includes the electronic appliances you are using. Here are some ways that you can save on it:

  • If you're the kind of household that has a lot of electric items that run on batteries, then investing in quality rechargeable batteries can save you money over time. Most rechargeable batteries are quite pricey, as they usually include 6-4 pieces of batteries and a charging cradle. But in general, the one-time use battery burn your money faster and are a pain to put away when you dispose of them.

  • Head to your nearest hardware and home appliances store for the latest CFLs lights. It's the kind that lets you save money on electricity and are absolutely high-quality that it will last you more than the usual light bulbs in your house. There's also a various kinds of CFLs such as the bug lights, the flicker tip and the dimmable style, the 3-way models and more.

  • Optimize your desktop computer for energy efficiency. Only one in ten computers are set for energy efficiency and here's how you can join in the fun too:
    • a.) Start Menu - (Settings) Control Panel
    • b.) (Power Management) Performance and Maintenance - Power Options
    • c.) On the Power Schemes Window:
      • Choose ALWAYS ON on the drop down menu
      • Set the TURN OFF MONITOR to your desired minutes
      • Set the TURN OFF HARD DISKS to your desired minutes

Follow these few simple steps and you'll do well on your baby steps to being eco-friendly in you own rights. At the same time, you're practicing frugal things to help you consume less and save more, in terms of the environment and your money.

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Why Being Eco-Friendly Makes Cents




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