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When Less Is More: Saving For Your Wedding Day

by Alice C. Woodhouse
July 12, 2009
There's no event like your own wedding day. Though most of us like to think that when it comes to the start of a romantic happily ever after that money is not an object, it's a bummer when we realize, yes, money actually matters. Budgets will be tight and spending will have to be reigned in.

By now, you and your fiancé should have had a complete list of the necessities for the wedding. Listing keeps you focused on what to prioritize when you start the actual planning. You can include the budget, what to buy, and what you can actually do without. Here are some tips to get you started in your quest for a frugal approach to weddings:


Grand ballrooms or lush garden wedding venues pale in comparison to a venue that has sentimental value to the couple. Places to get married doesn't necessarily have to be huge or fancy, but one with a natural feel to it, and would lend a fresh atmosphere to the celebration. A few option is a local/state park, and you can rent open cottages, pavillions, or set your own large tent in the area. Another is the beach, where fees can simply range on $30-$50 a day. There's always something romantic about the beautiful waves, soft sand and the sea breeze. A medium-sized clubhouse, or a small reception area in an inn will do when looking for reception venues.

Food and Catering

Doing the catering by yourself can really save you money rather than paying for professional caterers or restaurants. The downside of that is it can be a very stressful task for you and for your family. It's not a small thing to prepare food for guests. If you can take on the task of catering, by all means do so. Ask your relatives who know a thing or two about culinary cooking for help. Pick recipes with ingredients that are in season. But if you decide to let a pro cater your wedding, be upfront about your budget and pick the simplest and most affordable food on the menu. You can also ask them what's cheaper between buffet or a seated dinner, and cheap alternatives for serving wine and spirits.

Decoration and Arrangements

Avoid flowers as it is one of the most expensive and wasteful purchases; flowers should be last on your list. They are extremely expensive even when bought by the bulk and they just wilt by the end of the day. As much as possible let your venue speak for itself, that's why it's recommended that a wedding location should have a natural beauty with it so there will be lesser need for flowers. Make use of fabrics, inexpensive lace and muslin, and other trimmings, so you can use them even after the wedding. When it comes to tables and chairs, make sure that what you rent comes with tablecloths and chair covers, and if the rental place doesn't provide you with it or ask you for a additional fee, find some other place.

You and your Guest list

Ever heard of the phrase, ¬"Keep it simple, sweetheart?¬" Let that be your mantra all the time, especially when it comes to your invited guests. Cutting cost by lessening people to be seated, to feed and to give wedding giveaways too. It sounds off and a bit mean, but this way, you're making it more budget-friendly and practical. Here are several don'ts when it comes to guests: don't invite your entire co-workers, don't feel obligated to invite not-so close relatives, stop being pressured to invite people that you don't want in your own wedding. It's your day, you get to call all the stops here!

If you're doubting about how to create an easy-on-the-budget wedding celebration that is still special and memorable wedding day, just channel your inner frugality to combat the bridezilla in you that screams for extravagance and all the frills. Remember that ¬"Less is More¬", so don't let your ideal wedding day blind you and your fianc√© into shouldering an enormous expense, leading to debt. Plus, all that stress is really not worthwhile.

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When Less Is More: Saving For Your Wedding Day




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