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Weapons of Massive Savings

by Alexis Andrews
August 03, 2008
Technology offers us the hope of surviving the crunch times. As you can see, most rebates can be done online, and customers can request a gift card for the store instead of a rebate check, earning a 10 percent reward. To attract customers retail stores are cashing in on $25 gift cards to customers who are loyal. The coupon card craze best defines as saving your ass from being bankrupt. Every penny counts these days because it is not a boom year.

More or less, you have to search them over the net to save your money. "We hate to pay full price for anything," she said. "'Retail price' is a dirty word." , says this one coupon card collector. Folks, you have to think that you don't need to save money, but it is too bad to waste any money. You must have your own coupon card when you purchase something otherwise, you are like a soldier without a gun. How can you win the price wars? Coupons are good weapons of massive savings. Hench, try collecting now.

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Weapons of Massive Savings



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