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Ways to Cut Back on Bills: Phone Savings

by Alice Woodhouse
February 15, 2010
The bills keep on piling and we do our best in paying off all that we owe. It sometimes gives one a shock looking at the total amount of each bill. Phone bills are even more so notorious for it. But we can't totally cut off this one yet; communication via telephone is one of the most vital things that we use daily. Whether for personal or business, it's something that we can't do without.

Here are tips to lower the bills:

1. Understand your rights as a consumer. The Federal Communications Commission has outlined a guidance that you should first arm yourself with knowledge with the help of FCC Consumer Facts to understand your phone bills better.

2. The best deals won't show itself if you don't look beyond your phone company. When your contract is up with your present phone account, make sure to be vigilant in finding a more competitive price out there. Check if your phone deals is still the best around at least every six months Take the time to search.

3. Calling long-distance is always the culprit for soaring phone bills. When you have a close family member or any loved one in a different state, state-to-state calls are a definite possibility. A great way to save is to choose a dial-around number, which bypasses the long distance carrier and gives you low rates per minute.

4. Learning about Peak and Off-Peak hours could save you a whole lot of cash when the bills come around. There are different rates for different days of the week, and different rates for different times of the day. The Off-Peak hours are usually the times when phone companies charge significantly lower on their communication services. This is where reading the fine print gets in handy.

5. Take a long, good look at your current phone bill. There might be some sneaky charges that your phone company might be including that you don't know about. Make sure to look it over before paying the bill, you might be paying for something that you haven't used, especially when your payment set-up is automatic.

6. Frugal people might also consider inexpensive prepaid phone options like using Phone Power coupon promos, you'll see significantly lowered bills in no time!

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Ways to Cut Back on Bills: Phone Savings



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