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Save Money with These Truly Free Things in the Internet

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 18, 2009
In just a single course of a day, you might have seen enough sales, promos, trial offers, special discount ads and freebies to last you a year! It's nothing new when we see pop-ups, banner ads, videos and articles promoting vast array of products, but many of those 'free' promos have tricks up their sleeve. As consumers, we can take advantage of the Internet beinghome to thousands of really free stuff and freebies that you can get at no cost and no hassle. Here are some tips to guide you by:

1. When it comes to freebies and samples, we might think that it's not really much. Free 80ml shampoo here, a bar of flowery soap there and the like. But it the long run, it does count just because it's free and usable! I myself have availed of a trial offer of deodorant which I really liked, a free beach towel from an online hardware store after my $10.60 purchase, and a free travel kit of Nivea creams and lotions. Some do work and live up to its promise of a free item. But there are still instances that I've been duped into signing up, with my email and all that, for a free offer which I canceled when I found out that I had to buy $50 worth of something I would have never used in my home anyway. This is always a no-no. Always be on the lookout for good free stuff websites as they're updated with the latest promos from various companies. But the real trick to avoiding scams and being duped is to go to the company website and look around for give-aways and trial offers. I've had friends who availed of offers from Pantene and Dove, getting sample packs of the latest line of shampoo and soaps.

2. Buying music from iTunes or from other legal music sources is a pain for most students and freeloaders, yet you don't really want the Feds knocking on your door by getting music illegally, right? Well, downloading legit music is now easier, and the best thing is that it's all free! provides a pageful of recent music releases that you can download without even costing you a cent. Just use your sign in and you can download amazing tracks fast. One of the all-time favorite downloading station is CNET or where people can find free and safe software installation and now they have legal music downloads as well.

3. Pursuing education is a major goal for all of us, but we can't all afford the tuition for schools and online courses. But money should not be a hindrance to those who want to learn more. There are available websites which provide free learning in various courses. One of the biggest academic learning resource is, where you can find subjects and course that you want to learn or re-learn anytime you want. There's also, if you want to learn different languages or cultures, talk to people with the same language interests as you, and even learn from the native speakers who are members of LiveMocha as well. Learning online for free is truly a testament to the awesomness of the internet.

4. If your life almost revolves using the computer, free software helps you in all possible ways. The best of free softwares can be found on, which are proven safe and easy to install. Browse for open-sourced word processing, virus protection, RAR and CBR readers, picture editing programs and more! You can also save money by using free TV and movies with and, Free radio music that you can always listen on Yahoo! Music, Myspace Music and Imeem! Not to mention free calls using Skype, MSN, and Yahoo! Messenger.

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Save Money with These Truly Free Things in the Internet




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