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The Saving Power of Coupon Codes

by Alexis Andrews
August 09, 2008
I am an avid coupon card collector from grocery items to online codes. I have mastered the art of saving them and using them on my purchases. I have save less and they all actually mean big to me.

In early 2006 I am astounded by headlines from around the world that the dollar will crash. I then search for reasons and corresponding solution from recession.I found out a site telling me that this certain guy were able to save thousands of dollars by using online coupon codes and those common shopping coupons.

I totally immerse myself on searching valuable codes like a finderĀ's keepers contestant. However, there are noted differences on shopping codes and online codes.

Shopping codes from retail outlets are easy to find while online codes are totally or partially hidden on websites. I am now addicted in searching for them mainly for fun of saving. Somehow, it is 80% hard work but it also makes be a better person.

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