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Surefire Savings Tips for Mommies-To Be!

by Alice Woodhouse
March 05, 2010
Mothers to be always want the best for their yet-unborn child. The anxiety and excitement sometimes clouds their judgment especially when it comes to getting stuff for their babies. Though we might want a lot of things for them, one should still exercise caution lest one goes overboard with the spending about the nursery and the baby items.

It doesn't help that mothers know how busy their lives will be once the little one joins in the family, it makes them reach out to gadgets advertised all over the media that promises to make mothering more efficient and fast. The problem is, the products may or may not deliver, and mothers still end up with a big hole in their pockets.

1. One must never stop collecting discount coupons at any point in time, to save money when purchasing items for the baby. From bibs to cribs, you're going to need lots of it. Shopping for baby using Babies Online coupons and be ready to choose wisely over their huge selection of baby stuff.

2. Baby clothes shopping: say no to designer. When one is saving money, you need to stay away from branded anything and look to the bright side of generic/common brand. Just go to any chain or store and head off to the baby section, you'll find tons of clothing that you'll find will fit your budget especially if you use promo coupons. If you're a little apprehensive about thrift store items or hand me down items for your baby, then chain store items are exactly for you.

3. Before going overboard on shopping, keep a few things in mind: the nifty gadgets might sound like some sort of miracle designed to improve some things, but there are things like a bottle warmer and it is one that you can do without. A bottle warmer does what it does: simply warm the baby bottle up. You don't need to purchase that one. A simple bow filled with hot water can do the trick of keeping the milk warm.

4. Baby bassinets are a definite waste of money, babies will grow too fast for these stuff to catch up. The maximum weight supported by bassinets is only very limited, so make sure to keep it in your mind. They may be cute, but they are pretty negligible. If you have the money to spend on a bassinet, you're better off investing in a multi-purpose baby stroller.

5. Breastfeed as much as possible, and as long as you can. A formula can cost as much as $50 to $60, so it is sure to rack up easily in the long run. If for the few first months you're going to nursing your baby, consider giving breast milk instead of a powdered formula. Not only is breast milk ultimately beneficial for the baby, as it contains so many nutrients, mineral and live microorganisms to help your baby grow stronger, it can save you money for at least a few months. Breast milk can also be stored in sterile containers and refrigerated until it will be used.

Anyone might argue that high-end products may do their part in making motherhood a less daunting task, but most of the products advertised and priced so high today are not totally necessary at all. Expectant mothers don't have to feel that they are bad mothers just because they can't get the most top-of-the-line gadgets and exquisite baby furnitures for their little ones. But there are things that the money is needed most, like for emergency savings, or even stashed in a college savings account.

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Surefire Savings Tips for Mommies-To Be!



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