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by Chris Green
June 29, 2009
In the current economy, many stores are closing due to severe losses. While this is bad news, every cloud has a silver lining. Store closings have very good deals for a certain period of time. If you do your homework properly, you will definitely come home with fantastic buys.

The early bird gets the best discounts.

Plan your visit carefully. The best time to go to a closing out store would preferably be early in the morning. Not many shoppers will be around. You can go around the store and spot the best deals for the items that you need and want. You can also go during after the lunch hour. Most people will go back to the office. You will more likely be able to move more freely around the shop and look for the items that you want.

Know where your target is at all times.

Go take a look around the store. Find out where your preferred items are located. Mark them well. Write their locations and prices down if necessary to make browsing easier for you. The systematic shoppers gain the most and the best deals.

Have a sense of purpose.

What do you plan to do with the items you buy? Store closings offer such a wide variety of items with their prices slashed that they all look tempting. Will you be using these items though? Buy items you need to stock up on. Buy items that you can use for projects, school, the children, presents or your hobby. While a certain item may be tempting because it is priced so low, if this item has no purpose in your life, you are still not making a good deal.

Fixtures may be for sale too.

You may be surprised to find out that even the fixtures are for sale. If a store is closing permanently, they will not have any use for the fixtures. Do you think that that shelf would look good in your garage? If there is no price tag, donâ€TMt be shy. Ask one of the store personnel if the shelf is for sale. If the store salesman says yes, ask how much the cost or a rough approximation of the cost will be.

Fixtures will not be among the goods that the store would like to move fast. The likelihood is they will come cheap. Stacks, shelves, even light bulbs can be bought. As these items are not the ones being pushed, they are going to be cheap.

Cash, Check or Credit

Always carry cash. The store may not accept credit cards or checks at this point. Be careful when youâ€TMre bringing cash.


Coupons may not be accepted. The discounts being offered on the closing out items sale are already going to be major as is. You may negotiate on prices to a certain extent. However, this is true for bulk purchases, not regular ones.

If you would like to haggle, a garage sale may be perfect for you.


In a store closings sale, items will move fast. If you like an item, buy that item at once. Pay for the things you want before asking if anything else could be set aside for you. You may make arrangements for pick ups at a later date if you purchased in bulk or if the item in question is a heavy one. Stores will be generally amenable to such an arrangement.

Finality of purchase

Make sure that you really want the item that you purchased. Bear in mind that you may not be able to bring the item back because the store has closed. You should also double check that the items you purchase are in perfect working condition.

Enjoy shopping!

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Store Closings



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