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Stockpiling Tips To Stretch Your Grocery

by Alice C. Woodhouse
November 29, 2009
The cost of basic goods and services have soared, the rising price makes it a challenge for us to utilize whatever money-saving measures that we can think off. One of the measures that some people are doing is ¬"Stockpiling¬".

Stockpiling combats price inflation. Most of those that practice stockpiling wait it out until their grocery and supermarket gives out super deals, coupons, huge discounts and clearance sales. The idea behind it is to get them items now and protect themselves against price increases and possible product shortages.

If you're going to try out stockpiling, here are tips to remember:

1. Remember to be very particular when looking around your pantry, cupboard and refrigerator to figure out what to stockpile, what you can do without, and what pricey items you can substitute with something cheaper with. Record all the things that you use on a daily basis, on a weekly basis and also those that don't run out for at least a month.

2. By using vouchers, promos and sales when stockpiling items, it gives you the best value for every single cent. Learn how to use coupons, or better yet, double coupons, watch out for discounts and promos at the same time.

3. Since stockpiling is all about planning to achieve the best deal possible, buy as many items as can at the most lowered price but it's extremely important that you make sure it's something you actually do use and a brand that you're comfortable with.

4. Have three month's worth of supplies of basic items. Try to plan how to get dirt-cheap prices for personal hygiene products such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, and toilet paper. Cleaning items like detergent, dishwashing soaps, and the like are also important to watch out for.

5. Food staples are more tricky than most as you're going to have to be aware of the shelf life of produces. Stockpiling fanatics turn to canned goods, preserves and other items that don't require much refrigeration and can sit on the cupboards within 3 months.

6. Naturally you will not be able to stockpile fruits, milk, bread and the like. Items like vegetables, meat and fish can only be stored for a few weeks under strict refrigeration techniques before it rots or become unfit for human consumption.

7. A proper storage area is a must! Your worst enemy is moisture-laden areas that molds can fester on your food, ants and other bugs, as well as dust and dirt. There are certain products that need a cool, dry place, some need to stay away from sunlight, some need to stay warmed, and others a deep chiller. Make sure you read storage instructions in back label and put them in their proper place.

Just think about the saving that you would gain, just by buying 5 bottles of shampoo in one go for $0.50 by combining both store discount and coupons, you ensure that you will not pay up to $5.00 for each 3 months from now. Try to multiply the number of shampoo your household uses in a year and the savings are absolutely fantastic.

If you're into saving money and arm yourself against possible price increas, like the convenience of all products you need in your pantry and the economy of not having to waste gas to go to the grocery every week then stockpiling is for you!

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Stockpiling Tips To Stretch Your Grocery




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