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Situations to Avoid When You're Starting to Save Money

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 03, 2009
Recently, people have come to their senses and have managed to turn around their lives, shape up their financial obligations, pay their bills and save for their future. Many people who are now trying to manage their money either make or break their plans, depending on how committed they are to putting money away for saving and how best they avoid situations that may lead them into the wrong financial path. It's important not to stray from your goal, as all of your plans and goals will all boil down into nothing but writings on a piece of paper when you don't focus and act according to what you have planned. Here are situations to avoid when you're starting to save money:

Underestimating the importance of a budget and spending plan. Spending plans help you as you go, as it's very crucial that you will write down EVERY SINGLE purchased item as well as the things you need to spend on. It makes for a clear management as to where your money has gone and where it is going. And what you can weed out from all your spending! Determine the exact items or services that you need, the week or month you need to have it and how much the whole thing will cost you. Say that you need a $150 dollar for Thanksgiving food preparations, you will find that even if its early in the year, you can perceive the savings you will have to put in to get the money by the time you need it. Or for example, in four month's time you need to pay off a $300 loan that you made from a small cooperative, try writing it down your spending plan and try see how to adjust your budget to get some $75 savings into that per month. This avoids getting the whole $300 chunk from your salary by that month. Budget and spending plans are an essential tool in management because here this is where you have a specific idea rather than a vague one.

Not watching out for little leaks. You might not consider yourself a careless shopper, but you still can't determine that those little ┬"extras┬" will set you back on you budget, and soon you would have created a big mess out of it too. Little take-outs from fast food chains, your morning latte from coffee shops and or buying celebrity magazines across the street will not help you save. Be satisfied with what you brought for lunch, get free coffee in the office (no matter how bad), update yourself with you favorite celebrity in the internet! It's free, too. Take a good, hard review on your troublesome little spending. Try to lessen your trips to stores, markets and malls. It's human nature to buy what you want, and stop being easily pressured to buy what you want. You have to recognize that you're putting all you effort into not spending. Keep it up. Once you can resist ringing up purchases, then you will have more money for the things you really do need.

Forgetting the ┬"save now and buy later┬" mantra. When you find yourself having a little money everyday, say around $9, and you immediately think of what to buy, and it doesn't take you 30 minutes to spend it all one or two things, then that's when you know you're taking for granted the small amount, forgetting that it does matter in the long run! Stop reasoning out that it's just a measly $9, but believe that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. When it comes to savings, any amount can get you started. Don't get lax on your savings, it will balloon up in no time. Remember to ┬"watch out for the little leaks┬" in your spending. Make it a point that when you do have a dollar or two left in your wallet after work, think of keeping it in a drawer back in your room. Do this for everyday and you'll be surprised at how easily this grows.

It's very easy to make money management mistakes, especially if you're just starting out. It will help too, if you have family and friends to support you through your plans. Get involved in groups that are also active in savings and money management. Do the best you can, commit to save, and reap great rewards in the future!

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Situations to Avoid When You're Starting to Save Money



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