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Simple Budgeting for Baby Items

by Alice C. Woodhouse
April 21, 2009
Babies are a bundle of joy and a wonderful addition to the family... only if you've planned it wisely. The cost of welcoming a new member of the family is a huge deal, amounting to more than $10,000 in baby-related expenses for the first year. Planning and managing finances are paramount when starting a family, as it makes the situation easier by determining essential items, avoid surprise costs along the way and save you money in the long run.

First-time parents can tell you that it's a real jolt when you see the figures on your baby budget and the total bills. For parents who both work full-time, the huge chunk usually is in baby care, finding nurses and trusted infant-sitters while they work all day. A chunk of the money is goes to supplies for milk, diapers, gears and clothing. One of the best ways to get around this is to put in more savings so your budget doesn't get too tight and overwhelming. Parents who have been through the same situation suggest to put aside at least three months worth of expenses in your savings for emergency purposes.

Here are some essential items to buy to get you on the first year of your baby's life:

  • Car seat and Stroller
  • Crib and Beddings
  • Changing table and Bath items
  • Baby First Aid kit
  • Nursing items (bottles and breast pump)
  • Baby monitor
  • Diapers (avg. 350 pieces month) and clothing
  • Toys

Those are the few essential And if you're in a bind, you don't have to have these items as you can use other items for these include:

  • Diaper bag ¬- Face it, you can do without spending $30 on this. Use old large bags that you have.
  • Dressers, Bassinet and High chair¬- Get it from a family member, a close friend or from a flea market.
  • Play center ¬- Until they're toddlers, babies generally don't play a lot yet. Save this purchase in another year or so. You only just need some soft mats and 3 to 4 toys for the baby to have fun.

Balance your budget around the items you need and use it as your working guide. Don't forget to record every expense, so you can see if you spent more than on one category, you can adjust another item's amount from your budget. And when you find yourself spending less, record it so you know you'll have extra money to set aside for saving!

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Simple Budgeting for Baby Items



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