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Shopping the Frugal and Eco-Savvy Way

by Alice C. Woodhouse
June 12, 2009
As much as possible, we all want to contribute to the well-being of the environment by using eco-friendly products. The one thing bothering us is the high price of ¬"green¬" products in the market. Organic-based clothing, cosmetics, and the like are a bit pricey for our liking. But it's not actually the item that you're paying for, but the brand of the products. For example, there are now branded organic bedsheets in department stores with big price tags, but when you buy organic, home-spun fabrics in warehouses the prices are incredibly low. Remember that going green means living simply and saving money. Try to find green bargains as you go:

Local Bargains

Buying your weekly supply of fruits and vegetables at local dealers and Farmer¬'s Market rather than opting to buy in a supermarket. We all know that you actually save more by buying directly from farmers and produces that grow the crops themselves. It helps the farmer's economy and saves you money and from having to settle with less than fresh produces too!

¬"Earth-Friendly¬" Goes Online. Go online and you can se a lot of online retailers who mark down green products in their catalogue. Now, even two of the biggest online stores are creating initiatives to be as eco-friendly as possible: features ¬"Amazon Green¬" and has ¬"Green Team¬". More often than not, there's a special introductory price that these online stores have to try out this line of product. Watch out also for seasonal deals and promos on green companies and brands that offer discount coupons on their website.

Bulk Orders on Green: One of the best things about buying in bulk is that you easily get helpful freebies and huge discounts. But some argue that buying bulk may just be too much for one household to have. If that's the case then you can always split it with another household! It saves time and money that way.

The Green Community

There's a convenient way to get updated and be part of the movement to buy green products. Search your local community and join a Local Harvest or a Community Supported Agriculture Service. You can get your organic produces in an inexpensive way, and delivered to you. Most of the products are those that are meant to be harvested during that time, and in this way you can support the local economy and keep more money in you pocket.

The green lifestyle should save you from having to put up with junk food, wasteful spending and adding to the pollution in the environment. You deserve a great life without the evils of synthetic products and food chemicals. Go green and save!

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Shopping the Frugal and Eco-Savvy Way




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