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Self-Discipline: The Key to Successful Saving

by Alice C. Woodhouse
April 10, 2009
The excesses of today's world has permeated the entire nation, and more often has overruled good judgment and common sense. We see this in the example of how people simply love to spend, even for things that are wholly unnecessary and pointless. Shopping has become an entertaining pastime, eating out at the most posh restaurants has become a lifestyle, and generally spending way more than one can afford is prevalent in our society. With the economy going in shambles, we certainly should never allow ourselves to let our spending habits go out of control and in the end drown in debt. Tough times call for tough measures, and one of the ways to stop ourselves is by committing to manage our money, save for the future and to control impulses by self-discipline..

A large income doesn't always guarantee that a person has quite a lot of money put away for his or her savings. Sometimes it's actually worse, because it's not how much money you generate, rather how much you put away. Self-discipline is the key to successful savings, as t is training yourself to follow a behavior and overcome the impulse to do the very opposite. One relevant example is controlling one's impulse on an expensive shopping spree to ┬"treat yourself┬", in order to save the money for something more important or putting it away for a huge addition to the savings account. Self-discipline is self-control.

Now we can see how Self-discipline is essential, if not the most important, aspect when it comes to successful savings and financial management. Here are tips to remember:

  • Self-disicpline is not selling yourself short. It is simply an attitude you adopts to do the right thing and overcome impulses that delude them into doing things that you normally wouldn't. It gives a kind of power and freedom, and helps them get their decisions right.
  • Self-discipline, at its core is ┬"one's ability of putting off one gratification for the chance to get a different kind of gratification at a later time┬". Think of the money you would squandered away just to get that instant ┬"high┬" from shopping and getting a brand new luxury item, and how that money could have been put away for something incredibly important.
  • Savings are a must. Your future's standard of living depends on it. Working on your self-discipline will greatly help you to see the light in managing your money, controlling your spending and building your wealth. Save as much as you can. When in doubt about whether to spend or save, don't. Simply save.

    Self-discipline leads you to become a better person. And makes you wealthy for it too! Revel in the fact that the rewards of your perseverance will gratify you. Because in the end, you get your money, achieve financial stability and imprint a valuable lesson for you.

  • Think positive. Don't think that you're ┬"punishing┬" yourself by curbing your spending habits and saving money. Try to develop a healthy attitude toward living frugally and being content with what you currently have. Other people actually commend and appreciate those who try their best in disciplining themselves, it makes for a good example to everyone.

You have the power to change your attitude in life, and it's never too late! Get started on re-focusing and deal with what is most important. Saving money has never been this crucial as before, and you can manage your finances by being aware that you can put the greatest effort in they way you control your spending and how best to save money.

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Self-Discipline: The Key to Successful Saving



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