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Saving with Gift Certificates

by Alice C. Woodhouse
August 29, 2009
Gift certificates, known also as gift cards or vouchers, is a popular option that gift givers give to their friends, family and loved ones. It can be for a simple 'thank you' gift or a last-minute present for birthdays, holidays and other special days. The main factor why gift certificates are quite popular is that it offers the receiver a choice to buy exactly what he/she wants. There are times when we receive a gift and we look at it quizzically and wonder what we are going to do with it. Gift vouchers are a cost-effective option when it comes to gift giving, and it's practical to give them nowadays.

There are people who do look down on gift certificates, saying that these kinds of gifts are impersonal, a bit rude and some people even say that gift certificates as a present are a ¬"turn-off¬". There's really so much that can be said about the negative side of giving gift cards, but the fact remains that it simply gives an alternative to receiver to get the items that they themselves want. It provides a flexibility to be able to purchase an item from a specific store and pick the one that they really want.

Buy a gift card from a store that the person you'll give it to frequents a lot. That way, you can ensure that the certificate will be used. You can get gift certificates from stores and malls, and each certificate can be used to buy groceries, clothes, cosmetics, books, apparel, house and kitchen items, and so much more. Let's not forget how it's so difficult to shop for a present that your loved ones will really like, and you don't really want your gift to be chucked into the bottom of a drawer, right? Get a gift card for convenience and less hassle. And you can give your receiver an option to make their own choice. It's not a surprise anymore that people do like receiving cards, like for new homeowners, a gift certificate from a home improvement store will be helpful in getting them the couch or tables that they need. A student will appreciate if you give them a gift certificate from a bookstore, as it will lessen their expenses when buying textbooks or school supplies. And a ¬"techie¬" will really whoop for joy when you give them a voucher from an electronics store!

With the ever-rising popularity of gift certificates, it's not a wonder that most, if not all, big stores and commercial companies now have customized certificates. You can set the amount of the voucher, personalize text and even the design on the card itself. Some people are now looking into putting dedications and short messages in the certificates. There's no more risk of going empty-handed or not having a gift to give for a sudden occasion. Gift certificates still ensures that you have a token to give to someone for a special day, giving them a gift is better than giving them none at all. These popular gift option changes the way we understand ¬"it's the thought that counts¬".

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Saving with Gift Certificates




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