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Saving on Your Wedding

by Chris Green
June 30, 2009
Your wedding day is certainly one of the most memorable days of your life. Any woman who gets married will most certainly want to make this day as special as possible. While not everyone can splurge on an ostentatious wedding, you can still have a beautiful wedding at a far more affordable cost.

Many people forget that the true beauty of a wedding lies not in its superficial trappings but in the meaning behind the ritual. If you keep that in mind, your wedding will be beautiful no matter what.

Here are a few practical tips to make the weddings of your dreams a reality.

Set your priorities

Talk with your partner. What are your priorities? Your priorities may be different from each other. If this is the case, both of you have to come to an amicable agreement as to what to put on the top of your priorities list.

Make sure that you are both on the same page. A beautiful wedding requires a lot of coordination, organization and effort. You have to agree from the very start what the key areas are.

Trim your guest list

Keep your guest list small. This will considerably lower your expenses. Trimming your guest list isnâ€TMt very easy though. This is probably one of the hardest tasks for both of you to do. You will have friends and family to consider. If you leave a guest out, hurt feelings may ensue. This can be very awkward. However, most guests will understand that budget constraints are preventing you from inviting everyone you would like to invite.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks will be two of the biggest expenses of your wedding. The time you will have your wedding will directly affect your food and drink budget. If you have a wedding that ends around mealtimes, you will have to serve a proper meal. If you time your wedding in the afternoon, you can serve tea. A wedding later in the afternoon will mean dinner for your guests.

You can also lower costs by changing the menu. Instead of expensive seafood, you can choose a less expensive meat. Plan the menu with your caterer as some of your guests may be on a special diet or may have special dietary requirements.


Location is quite important in setting the mood and ambience of your wedding. Choose your location carefully. You donâ€TMt need to have the reception at a hotel or expensive restaurant. You can have a beautiful garden wedding right in your backyard when the weather is warm and beautiful.

Pick a place that is memorable for both of you. This will add beauty to your wedding. If you can find a place that will provide an all inclusive package for the wedding, reception and honeymoon, that would be even better as you can save more this way.

Wedding Outfits

You have many options when it comes to your outfits. This will depend entirely on the theme of your wedding. Go for something simple if youâ€TMre having a beach wedding. Or wear your motherâ€TMs wedding gown. That would be a lovely touch to the wedding.


You can use as little or as much as you like. This will depend on your location. If your choice of location is already well decorated, go light on the flowers. Actually, df©cor doesnâ€TMt have to be high on your list of expenses. You can skimp on df©cor but donâ€TMt skimp on the pictures.

You can do the df©cor yourself to save even extra dollars. Gather friends together and have fun making them.


You can make them yourself or have them specially made. You can print these off of a computer using your own design. Making your own invitations will also add a special touch to the invitations.


Disc jockey, orchestra, wedding singers, band. These are just some of your choices for music during the reception. What genre do you want played during the reception? How long do you want them to play?


Make sure you have a lot of pictures. Good pictures will last a lifetime and remind you of this memorable occasion for years to come. You donâ€TMt have to hire a professional photographer to take pictures. A photography student, a friend can take your pictures. A professional is best for these moments but if an amateur can do the job as well at a lower cost or for free, why not?

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Saving on Your Wedding




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