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Saving money when it comes to your health

by Chris Green
August 17, 2009
Scrimp on other things but never on your health. Good health is imperative to a good life. Good health allows you to do a host of things and allows you to work and enjoy life. However, as with all things, saving money when it comes to your health should still be followed. Note though that saving does not mean compromising your health, just being smart about it.

Today┬'s times are tough and health related costs are rapidly rising. Keeping fit has never been more challenging. Present day conveniences have made it very difficult to keep fit. There are machines to do most of our work, cars to transport us to faraway places, technology to ease our daily lives. And the food! The availability and diversity of food are very tempting indeed.

Indulgence has become the norm. No wonder then that more and more people are living unhealthy lifestyles. The hectic and harried lifestyles are taking their toll on people┬'s health.

How can you help yourself save money when sickness does visit your doorstep?

Go Generic

Go generic with prescription medicines. Instead of getting that pricey brand your doctor recommended, ask for cheaper alternatives at the pharmacy. Cheaper does not necessarily mean less in terms of quality. Your pharmacist can help you select a cheaper alternative that will do the trick just as well as the brand your doctor is pushing. Generic medicines are cheaper because they do not spend as much on advertising and other expenses as the major companies do. Or, ask your doctor what the alternatives are before leaving his office. Doctors will understand that you need to balance your health needs with your budget.

Compare prices

Pharmacies will have slightly different mark-ups on their stock. Ask around before you make your actual purchase. If you┬'re only buying one, the nearest pharmacy may be a good choice. A better choice would be a pharmacy you could walk to that has the medicine you need at the lowest price.

If you are buying a large number of pills, go for the cheapest price. The extra amount charged by other pharmacies will add up. In some cases, the savings can be quite significant. So always compare prices before buying your medication.

Buy in bulk

Buy your vitamins, pain relievers, lozenges, antacids, antihistamines in bulk. These have long shelf lives so you can stock up on these common over the counter medications. These are commonly used at home so you save yourself a trip to the pharmacy every time you need one of them.

Consider herbal and alternative therapies

Just don┬'t throw away common sense. Many herbal remedies work and have worked for hundreds of years. Don┬'t be too quick to discount them. However, bear in mind that there are home remedies and alternative therapies that really do not work. Don┬'t be taken in too easily and research before trying. Also, some herbal remedies should not be mixed with each other. Pretty much like some pills. Don┬'t forget to ask your doctor about alternatives. And always use your common sense.

The best way to save on your health though is still prevention. Keep yourself healthy and fit so you won┬'t have to worry about costly medical bills.

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Saving money when it comes to your health



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