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Saving money when it come to schooling

by Chris Green
August 13, 2009
Education is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that a parent, or anyone for that matter, can give to a child. Education is the key to a better future. Not just the childÂ's future, but the world in general. Who knows, with good education, we just might win the battle against war and poverty.

However, the rising costs of education are daunting to say the least. Educational costs are not limited to tuition alone. Tuition may be a big factor but the other less visible costs of educating your child can pile up and might very well end up costing you more than tuition.

Here are a few tips on saving money when it comes to schooling your kids may want to know about.

Start saving early.

If you start saving early, you will have more cash to spend on school tuition, supplies and the like. If you save money in the bank, the amount you save may even earn interest. Every last dollar helps so even if the interest isnÂ't much, the fact remains that you made extra money just by keeping your savings in the bank.

Take stock.

School supplies can cost a pretty penny. Go through your childÂ's things and check if there is anything else can be used for the incoming school year. You may find that scissors, some notebooks, this yearÂ's trainers and more will still do a very nice job when next school year comes rolling by.

Buy during sales.

Buy most of your school things during sales. If you can secure a list of items necessary for the next school year, do so. Check out the list and buy what items there are during sales. You will save a lot if you buy most of the items on your school list during store specials or sales. This includes clothes. Clothes can be a major if your school has a no uniform policy. Bear in mind though that high schools, colleges and universities have quite large populations. The fact is, no one is likely going to be keeping track of what you wear except you.

Create a budget.

This is easy to say but difficult to stick to. Students often fail to stick to their prescribed budget because of the difficulties that a budget poses. Rise above that. Train your child in budgeting even before he or she leaves your house and goes to college. Budgeting skills will come in handy even after college. If you are able to stick to a budget, you will also be able to avoid being in debt or going into debt.

Cut back on expenses

If youÂ're going to a nearby college or university, stay at home. You or your parents will save on the rent on an apartment or college residence. Walk wherever possible. Exercise is good for you and for your pockets. Buy used books. Plenty of students often leave their books basically untouched. Grab the booklist early and start looking around in used bookstores, libraries, classified ads. Carpool with friends and save on gas money. Bring your lunch to school. Eat at home.

All these are but a few tips to help you on your way to saving money when it comes to schooling. There are many more things you can do to save money. All of them require one thing though. Discipline.

Are you disciplined enough to pull all the way through? Stop planning to save money and actually start saving. All the effort will be worthwhile in the end. You just have to be there to savor victory.

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Saving money when it come to schooling



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