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Saving Electricity One Tip at a Time

by Alice Woodhouse
April 02, 2010
When the electricity bills keep on piling, it's time to take a step back and consider if there is any way you can lower your electrical consumption. Every time the bill comes, we are always aghast to see the total amount to be paid. Who wouldn't be? We can't use clipped coupons or coupon codes to pay our electricity bill With everything simply skyrocketing, finding a way to lower your utility is the tip of the financial iceberg.

Energy-Saving Gadgets

Flourescent bulbs are the way to go instead of incandescent ones that take up too much energy when turned on. Generally, fluorescent lights consumes lesser than the incandescent counterparts. Switching to energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners can also help in away. It's easy to save some money up to buy a new energy-efficient appliance thanks to coupons. Even computers can be set now to lower its energy consumption.

Rely on Natural Light and Ventilation

The sun ray's are free since you don't get billed for it every month, so take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Even more for chilly or warm winds that flow from outside and inside your home, they're a great source of freshness. Welcome the natural sunshine and winds by opening up the blinds and windows to let them both in during the day. Read a book by the window, take a rest on the living room so you won't have to turn the lights on or the electric fan.

Lifestyle Change

How do we view energy and the conveniences it brings? Sometimes we forget that electricity is non-renewable, and when it is consumed we pay for it and when the bill comes we see that its quite high at that, too. We still leave the lights on, our computers on, and we are too used to not having to turn the PC or Laptop off. Even if we buy the most energy-efficient gadget with KMart coupon codes, we still aren't doing our part if our mindset is already briefed not to consider the implications of our electricity-wasting habits. Most often it takes a lot of dangerous happenings before we can even realize that we are one of the causes of the decline in the environment and the planet's resources.

There are more ways to save electricity, and it's up to you to get creative with it. Save money by saving electricity in your own homes!

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Saving Electricity One Tip at a Time



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