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Save or Splurge: Kitchen Tools

by Alice Woodhouse
March 14, 2010
Here we are on a new edition of Save or Splurge, where we tell you the ways you can save money by asking "is this worth the money?" In this installment, we examine various kitchen tools and gadgets. A lot of people are fond of those, and some are TOO fond that they buy kitchen tools that they probably won't use more than twice or thrice in a whole year.

Every household deserves a really great set of kitchen equipments; it's not only high-end restaurants and gourmet chefs who need them. But there's a difference between buying high-quality from buying high-prices. There are high-priced items that are not high-quality, and there are still high-quality gadgets that aren't followed by a high price tag. What kitchen tools to you really need to buy and what do you need to put back on the shelf and never touch again? Here's a quick guide:

Top-of-the-Line Knives: Splurge

You can have a lot of things in your kitchen, but it will never be complete or as efficient without at least three or four knives made for different kinds of uses. You will need a chef's knife, paring knife, a butcher's knife and a serrated bread knife, and if you don't have them in your kitchen right now, remedy it with coupon codes to buy sets that fit your kitchen needs.

There are more kinds of knives offered also in the same set, but the four mentioned above are the most used knives in a regular household. You don't have to get all of them. You can ask for discounts if you buy just the four knives. If you are planning to upgrade your measly knives at home, use coupon codes so you not just save on the long run, but you save on your purchase now! A rule of thumb to remember when buying a knife is to find one that feels right, not too heavy nor too flimsy. Do yourselves a huge favor: get the best knives out there that last for a long time and don't have to dull just after a couple or weeks or months of use. Simply and don't skimp out this specific item.

Tiny Food Processors: Save

Sometimes small things can also be a huge waste. We like things that are compact and small, and that's a good thing, but when it comes to small food processors there isn't much point. If you simply need to chop up a few vegetables, the kind that can simply fit in a bowl, a knife and a chopping board can do the job right and you didn't even have to shell out money. Even those food processors that help you with making baby food is even something you don't really need. Better take your money and your Kitchen Universe coupon promo codes elsewhere to buy the real kitchen stuff you need.

People like the tiny food processors for the compact help they seem to bring into their lives, but never knowing that the easiest way to make one's life more efficient is to stop spending on things that you don't really need but think you do.

You don't need all the tools you see on the home and kitchen stores. The tools, although an important factor, don't make the cook. Simple does the job more efficiently, so you don't need expensive items if you can't afford it. Plus you save more with coupon codes, too.

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Save or Splurge: Kitchen Tools



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