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Save on Christmas Gifts with D-I-Y Crafts

by Alice C. Woodhouse
May 19, 2009
The season for gift giving and a time when we feel the most broke. The holiday festivities are wonderful if only they didn't involve shelling out so much money to buy gifts for loved ones. It takes very little thinking power to realize that gifts don't always come from the malls or department stores, but come from your hands and heart as well. Hand made crafts and other resourceful and creative items are perfect gifts that we can give to our friends and families.

1. With a hand that can paint and a big imagination, you can make hand-made gift cards with lovely watercolor paintings on them. People always appreciate these gifts because the pieces they receive are always unique and pretty, and just the effort and the time that the giver has put in for this gift is astounding. You can use a variety of mediums like coloring pencils, watercolor, oil colors and acrylics. You can paint holiday-appropriate themes all over the cards, and you can also make them as personalized as you can.

2. Not an artist? Why not use the camera to paint a picture for you instead? Photographs make a great present, especially when the pictures are great memories between you and the receiver of your gifts. And there are a lot of things you can do when dealing with pictures. Like for example, you choose a nice frame for the picture of your children to be given to their grandparents, and the simple gift becomes something more meaningful. Or if you have several photos of your best friend, you can give him/her a scrapbook that shows all the funny and memorable times you two had.

3. You think that only the artists and photographers are capable of doing the D-I-Y crafts? Think again. If you have a knack in the kitchen then that opens up more possibilities of D-I-Y gifts! There are great ideas that you can make, for example making little cookies in the shape of Christmas trees, balls and angels. One of the crowd favorites would be Christmas brownies, which are really just regular chocolate brownies with red, yellow and green icing over it. There are many recipes that you can get from just about anywhere, and with just a touch of the holiday theme, you can box and wrap them and give them to an eager receiver.

4. Know your way around the computer? You can make personalized calendars for your loved ones and hand them as gifts. There are things you can do with Microsoft Word or Publisher, as well as Photoshop or other picture editing softwares. Use a template or make your own calendar and add pictures to them. The pictures should be people, places or things that are meaningful for the recipient. Edit the picture to make them fit, color them a different way, resize them, and even make the pictures clearer. You can also add some decorations to those important dates, like holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries of their family and friends.

There are a lot of D-I-Y crafts that you can do for your next batch of Christmas gifts. Not all these crafts will fit everyone, so always think about the personality of the receiver of the gifts, likes, aspirations and goals and try to incorporate them into your present. The idea behind gift-giving is so much more than a trip to the mall and express wrapping. Be thoughtful and creative this year, because there's always a huge difference between a generic Hallmark card and a hand-painted greeting card made by you. WC 602

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Save on Christmas Gifts with D-I-Y Crafts




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